Summer Blossom Nails 2014

Summer Blossom Nails 2014

Looking something pretty for your nails this summer?

Flowers never go wrong in Summer!

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature”

Hello! Are you guys missing my nail design post?

Haven’t been painting my nails for like a month or more now and I’m back again with a whole new design.

Not really a whole new design but a never-tried-before design!

Did you know that I super duper love floral prints?

Am called “Hua Hua Xiao Jie” which means “Flower Lady” by people who knows about my love for floral prints.

I dress up in floral prints clothing most of the time and I have many stuff in my bag that are in floral prints.

Even my nail design has floral prints.

The floral design on my nails are nail seals which I got from Japan.

18 pieces in total and I think it lasted longer than the one I previously used for my Valentine’s Nail design.

It has been a week now and it still looks perfect.

A similar floral prints from a hand cream which my friend got it for me from Taiwan.

Another floral prints which looks similar to my nails.

Pretty pink floral brush from F21 which I accidentally bumped into while I was doing window shopping.

Also, another similar print which I’ve DIY to place my brush and comb.

Super love this floral print and I didn’t expect it would last for a week.

It usually tears on the 2nd or 3rd day.

So? Did I once again inspire you to design your nails this Summer?

Dress up your nails and hide those grubby nails which you thought it looks cool all this while…

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