BRUNO Hot Plate

BRUNO Hot Plate

When comes to buying home appliances, what are the few main factors that you take into consideration? I believe the first thing that captures one’s attention is definitely the look or design, and next will be the functionality or price.

BRUNO Hot Plate is a multifunctional pan that is definitely good for investment, especially for those who live in small homes or has small family size. It does not only look sleek but with this it will expand your cooking possibilities, thus giving you and your family more reason to gather around the table for a joyous meal together!

Design & Functionality 

Before purchasing this, I would say that the design definitely got me into it, and as I further research on it I came to know that it has a variety of colors and some are even seasonal or so called limited edition! This is not all, what’s better is that it comes in various interchangeable pans from flat pan, grilling pan, takoyaki pan, pancake pan, deep pot and even a double layer steaming rack which can be purchased additionally.

Talking about the heating power, it’s very compact yet powerful with one switch slider that covers from warm to powerful heating of 250°C. This allows you to not only do regular cooking but grill and even bake. What’s more, the pans come in non-stick coating and you will never have to worry about getting food sticking onto the pan, not even cheese! Sounds promising enough??!! 

Size & Price

As compact as an A4 size, it allows you to cook from the comfort of your dining table and can cater up to 4 servings (based on my own experience) although the original description listed as 2~3 servings. 

As for the price, I would say it’s good value for money as the whole set (includes flat pan, takoyaki pan, deep pot, double layer steaming rack and spatula)  was sold for 16,800yen which is less than RM600 after tax deduction, though I had to invest another RM200 for the “Step Down Transformer” as Japan has lower voltage of 110V compared to Malaysia’s 240V. In total that will be around RM800

Step Down Transformer 2000W
In case you’ve gotten the Japan version of BRUNO like me or planning to get one, you should be getting at least 2000W transformer or higher though the price will come high too. The reason to that is, so it will not burn down your BRUNO!
Here’s the one I’m currently using! 
Where to buy

However, if getting from Japan seems impossible for you, fret not because you can purchase them from Lazada too. What’s best is you don’t need a bulky “Step Down Transformer” as it is compatible with Malaysia’s voltage with three-pin plug and the price is one of the cheapest you can get out of Japan I would say!

Note: Buy at your own risk as I do not have whatsoever connection/relation with the seller. 

My experience with BRUNO on the table at home

One thing I love about this hot plate is when doing BBQ at home it does not leave strong heavy smelly smoke smell in the house which makes BBQ even more fun. Apart from BBQ, I also love using it for cooking Mala Xiang Guo.

When BBQ gets bored, all you have to do is to switch the flat pan to the deep pot and voila!
You can now cook soupy stuff or have steamboat party. With this, I tend to do steamboat so much more often now like at least twice a month because I just love gathering around the table over some good chat accompanied with a good hot meal.

As for the takoyaki pan, you can not only use it for making takoyaki but also some other creative meals like mini custard buns or even mini burgers. It’s up to you to get creative with it! Last but not least, the steaming rack comes in handy for steaming food like fish, vegetables or even custard pudding which I often use for.

So, how’d you like this BRUNO hot plate?! I personally highly recommend people who love home gatherings to get one of this because this is all you need to get the gathering started. Trust me! I have so many friends who just self-invite themselves to my place just for this and I cannot be any happier to have them over for a nice meal around the table with BRUNO-san! (lol)

So that’s how I finally decided to write this post because there were just so many of them who DM-ed me asking me about this BRUNO hot plate and I thought I should journal them here to share the love of BRUNO! I hope this has been helpful and feel free to drop me a comment if you have any further questions.

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