Holiday retreat at WakaGangga.

An enchanting holiday resort locating at Yeh Gangga Beach on Bali’s West Coast.

Black glittering sands, blue blue sea and green rice fields.

End of last year, Mr. Pink brought me to Bali as my birthday gift and we stayed at this wonderful resort hotel located 2 and half hours away from Kuta city.ย I never really expected much of Bali but to my surprise, I actually had much fun and I didn’t expect the people there to be so friendly and nice.ย I also had a very good experience of staying in this enchanting WakaGangga Resort and enjoyed much during my stay here.ย I highly recommend this place to those who loves nature as there’s no other place better than WakaGangga.ย It’s located in the rural area, away from the city and basically no night life happening around this area and it would be great for those who are seeking for serenity.

Let’s first check out our Villa.

Very much delighted with our Villa with the lucky no.8!

The bathroom with a backyard and there’s also an outdoor shower.

If you’re a nature lover, you can enjoy showering with geckos as companions.

I even saw snake!!!! Totally freaked out!!!

The villas are just so amazing and just too perfect for honeymooners.

We spent most of our time lazing in the room, eating and lazing again.

Now, let me take you on a tour to check out the surroundings of WakaGangga Resort.

Path to all Villas.

Standing at the doorway to Waka Spa, not heaven but almost like heaven.

The lobby and reception area.

The swimming pool from the restaurant.

The restaurant we love most!

You will get top notch view from the restaurant. Our best spot!!

You will get the picture perfect sea view.

Perfect sunset

Just so beautiful. Taking a sip over a cup of tea or coffee or even beer while gazing at the sunset with the breezy weather.

The food served in the restaurant is great and I think it’s so much more better than the ones served at tourist areas.

By the way, afternoon tea is complimentary too and you’ll actually get really fancy desserts served on your table.

I pretty much enjoyed the food served in this restaurant and not to mention they actually got some award for their food in this restaurant in WakaGangga here.

So have a peace of mind when you stay here as I highly recommend that you dine in this restaurant.

Breakfast was pretty much satisfying too though it looks simple but in fact not that simple.

The bread is really delicious and I really love their American breakfast.

The portion is not too small and not too big and a choice of fruit of juice is served too after meal.

Breakfast overlooking the sea!

You will just go “Ah! This is life!” haha

Here’s another section of the restaurant, all built with wood.

Also, staying here could be very convenient for you to get to Tanah Lot Temple as there is free shuttle to Tanah Lot Temple to catch the sunset.

Just check with the receptionist, book your slot and you’ll get a private shuttle to Tanah Lot Temple in no time!

This is the Tanah Lot Temple.

Really breath taking view. Couldn’t resist and captured like a hundred pic of the same scenery.

The sunset taken at Tanah Lot area.

WakaGangga Bali

WakaGangga Resort is located in the Tabanan area, West Coast of Bali.
There is a total of 27 individual Balinese-style villas with grass roofs and romantic interiors.

Just some TIPS if you’re planning your holiday here at WakaGangga.

If your aim is to have a calm and relaxing holiday, make your trip here on a 4days 3nights stay to enjoy all activities provided by WakaGangga as there are so much that you can do and explore here without having to go out to the bustling city.
This draws you a step closer to nature and also a step closer to their local cultural activities and people.
You will get the experience like you never had before.