VECUA Autumn/Winter 2013 Cosmetics

I would like to introduce this one awesome product to all girls out there who loves make-up!

Another Japanese beauty brand known as VECUA.

They have this sub brand called VECUA HONEY and all the products under this sub brand have honey extracts which is supposed to be good for your skin.

I came across this Wonder Honey products while I was doing some shopping in Plaza(Japan).

Got the Face Powder and Blusher.

Wonder Honey

What is so AWESOME about it, you may ask?!

Continue reading and you’ll find the AWESOMENESS in this product! ^^

First up, Honey Face Powder.

Wonder Honey Face Powder

BEST SELLER this season and was SOLD OUT immediately after it went on SALE.

It has a very soft texture when apply on face and after applying on face, you will be able to feel and see the difference.

It won’t harm your face as the ingredients used in this face powder are things like honey, royal jelly and sage plant extracts.

After I applied it on my face, I can feel the softness and tenderness.

Also, it helps to cover pores thoroughly.

It comes in only one Natural color and has the Honey Flower Scent.

Wonder Honey Face Powder

Totally in love with this Face Powder for now!

Another product from this range is the Blusher.

Wonder Honey Blusher

Limited quantity for blushers and I think I’m pretty lucky to be able to purchase one of it.

3 colors to choose from.

Each and every color comes in 3 different colors which again create another fun color when applied on cheek.

Saves time and doesn’t require any skill to mix the color up unlike those cheek gradation color which was once in trend. (Probably still in trend even now?! I don’t/haven’t use them so I’m not too sure)

Just pad the puff on that bee-hive-look color powder and blush away!

Ingredients used in this blusher is almost the same as the face powder just that instead of sage plant, this blusher has the Yoshino Cherry petals(Cherry as in Sakura) extracts.

Don’t you just love Sakuras??!!

Wonder Honey Blusher

Nice packaging and did I mention that it smells like candies?!

According to the content, it was written as Fresh Cherry Scent.

Wonder Honey

It was also featured in CUTIE magazine.

Wonder Honey Cosme

Highly recommended beauty product for A/W 2013!

Wonder Honey VECUA

Wonder Honey Face Powder (1,470yen)

Scent: Fresh Cherry

Ingredients: Honey, Royal Jelly Extracts, Yoshino Cherry Extracts

Wonder Honey Blusher (1,470yen)

Scent: Honey Flower

Ingredients: Honey, Royal Jelly Extracts, Sage Plant Extracts

For more info about this product, check out their official site here.