The Circus Nails x Econeco


The Circus Nails x Econeco Cosme

Discovered a very lovely cosmetic brand called エコネコ (Econeco) while I was doing some shopping in Yodobashi Umeda.

The first thing that caught my attention was the packaging.

Look how pretty it is!

Photo 2013-11-02 0 06 38

YES! It’s blusher….again!

It comes in two colors which is the orange tone and the pink tone.

I chose the pink tone cos orange tone blushers always make me looks pale.

Even the blusher puff is so pretty.

Photo 2013-10-30 16 13 35Photo 2013-10-30 16 08 32Photo 2013-10-30 16 08 12

Looks pretty natural I guess..

Another reason I bought this was because I was inspired to do my nails with this theme.

So here it is

Photo 2013-11-02 0 10 00

The one I’m holding onto is the pressed foundation pack.

Photo 2013-11-02 0 12 45

These are designs on the left hand.

Photo 2013-11-02 0 12 01

Designs on the right hand.

Photo 2013-11-02 0 11 13

There’s magic hat, horsie, bear and candy cane.

Photo 2013-11-02 0 10 36

Elephant on the other hand.

Photo 2013-11-02 0 09 29

Drew stripes on 2 fingers.

Photo 2013-11-02 0 09 02

Holding up the blusher case

Photo 2013-11-02 0 08 23

Another up-close pic

Photo 2013-11-02 0 07 46

Materials used for this nail design are all from Japan.

Base Coat / Top Coat / Gel Color ~ Twinkle Gel

Nail Seal ~ BN Girly Seals (Night Magic)

If you would like to know more about Econeco Cosmetics, check out their official website here or FB PAGE here.

Till then..


  1. OH MY GOSH SO CUTE!! I want to try Econeco’s foundation but I’m not sure if they have my shade. But I reeeallly love those circus nails. So pretty!

  2. Gladys   •  

    May I Know where I can find an ECONECO store in Osaka? I’m particularly looking for their coloring book.

    Thank you so much!

    • MisSuetY   •     Author

      Hi Gladys,

      I’m not too sure where is their main store located as they haven’t had one as they used to exhibit around but you can maybe try PLAZA.


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