Finally SUKIYA steps foot in Malaysia.
For those who has never heard of this before
It’s a japanese fast food chain restaurant which can be found in every bitsy corner in Japan.
So, what type of food they sell in there?
There’s GYUDON (Beef Rice), Curry Rice and some japanese side dishes like Chikin Karaage (Fried Chicken) etc. but mainly rice stuff.
Here’s what I had for supper in SUKIYA yesterday.
Top ~ Fried Chicken
Top Right ~ Miso Soup
When I was in Japan, I go there often for Gyudon cos it’s cheap and nice!!yumzz
If you’re under a budget trip to Japan, I recommend you going to fast food chain restaurants like SUKIYA, YOSHINOYA, MATSUYA and my favourite out of all this, CHIKARA MESHI!!(You so gotta try their “yakigyudon” which is grilled beef rice!! (slurpsss)
So, talking about SUKIYA in Malaysia
The one I went to was in Sunway Giza.
Here’s the interior of the shop.
Pretty much different from those in Japan, I would say.
If you’ve been to the one in Japan before, I think you know what I mean.
In Japan, there are bar counters and they hardly have tables and chairs like that in order to save place.
Also, people usually EAT & GO, you know like TOUCH & GO! ^^
Families don’t usually bring kids there for dinner.
Most people who enter the shop are either singles or working men.
You can hardly see women in there too.
That’s why I find it very difficult to enter these type of fast food chain restaurants unless there’s another person who wanna tag along.
But, sometimes when I’m too desperate or am craving for beef rice, I would’t care much and will enter alone, sitting with all the working men there.
I get stares from others but I wouldn’t care much anymore. (LOL)
It’s part of the whole experience while studying abroad!