SEOUL Diaries: Gyeonggi English Village, Paju

Gyeonggi English Village Paju

3 Girls One Journey

Day 4:
Gyeonggi English Village – Heyri Art Village – Provence Village


Gyeonggi English Village Paju Camp

A setting which resembles a village in an English-speaking country. The purpose of this set-up is to encourage visitors to speak English and realize the value of English as a means of communication. In this village, you will find native English-speaking teachers which are there to help participants to have interest in speaking English and to help to boost their confidence in speaking to foreigners.

Participants can learn English through experiencing the cultural environment, events and performances which run through out the year, in an English village setting. There are more than 700 trainees and teachers residing in the village engaging in hands-on training programs and merging naturally in daily life through the 3Es which are EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE & ENTERTAINMENT.

Though it is located near urban areas for easy access, it is a suburban English village in harmony with its surrounding natural environment. Through diverse performances and events that occur all year round, the village is more than simply a place for hands-on English learning, it is an English cultural space.


This village actually caters more for their people to encourage them to speak English which I think is a tremendous idea in getting their people to speak and learn English in such environment.

Which is why you see many school students on study trips to this village.

On the 4th day of our trip in SEOUL, we visited the 3 villages located in Paju-shi, Gyeonggi-do.

The 3 villages include of Gyeonggi English Village Paju Camp, Heyri Art Village and Provence Village.

These 3 villages are reachable by foot once you get a bus from Hapjeong to Gyeonggi English Village.
(Refer below for directions)

So our first stop of the day was Gyeonggi English Village and today’s post will be only covering this English Village.

Honestly, there’s nothing much to see here except some nice spots for taking pictures.

The only thing that attracted many tourists to come all the way here is because English Village was used as a shooting place for RUNNING MAN.

We came here on a weekday and it was pretty quiet which was good for us as we don’t have to queue and wait to take pictures in certain spots, unlike the time we had to queue for our turn to take a pic of the mural in Ihwa Mural Village.

So we actually had much fun taking our own sweet time capturing some precious moments here.

We rode on a 45 mins bus ride from Hapjeong Station on bus #2200 to Gyeonggi English Village and it stopped on the opposite road of this village’s entrance.

Walked opposite the road and came to the entrance and saw some crews but there was no celebrity in sight.

Did some photo shooting and fooling around before we make our way to purchase our tickets.

Admission ticket is in the form of a passport,

and with this we will have to pass the immigration to get into the village.

Pretended to pass through it but somehow it was on the opposite direction! LOL

Just for picture-taking purposes!

Here’s the map of the village for your reference.

This village is not that huge and you can complete the whole area in less than an hour unless you really take your time in capturing every side of this village and probably that might take up to an hour and half.

When we arrived, there were many shops closed and luckily we packed lunch and brought it there to eat.

So once you pass through the immigration, you will see this big gate in front of you.

Before entering, we explored a little around here.

The Governor’s message for the children’s future.

Awesomely beautiful maple leaves.

Hidden at the back was this railway track.

We started striking our poses at this beautiful track spot.

After this, we made our way into the village and as we stepped in, here’s how it looks like.

A complete setting of an English village.

The 2 friends peeping into the Boardgame Shop wondering why it was closed at such hour.

The only dining place in this village at that time of the day.

It was not opened when we arrived in the morning not until when we were about to leave.

A coffee place which was only opened when we were about to leave too.

And this one!

The friend imitating Running Man, Kwang Soo’s suspicious act.

Now, a group photo..

Here’s a spot where we spent most of our time here capturing some precious moments.

Picking up a bunch of leaves and flinging it around.

After numerous attempts, we did manage to capture some nice and funny ones with my friend’s camera.

I captured pretty decent ones.

When we’re done with this here, we continued on exploring some other sights.

A heaven-like backyard or garden near the toilet.

Here’s the City Hall.

A jumpshot in front of the city hall.

And we have this here too….

The angel wings…

Why are there so many in SEOUL?

The last time we took was in Ihwa Mural Village.

Coming to the end of the village…

Here’s where the teachers and trainers reside, I suppose!

A sign post which looks pretty beneath the autumn tree.

Too pretty that my friend helped me to get it on instax.

Some open area for events on weekends I guess..

That’s all about Gyeonggi English Village!

Check out below for directions to this village and the other two villages.


40, Eoreumsil-ro, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 파주시 탄현면 얼음실로 40

Operating Hours:
9:30 – 18:00
*Last admission: 1 hour before closing
*Free admission after 18:00

Admission Fees:
(General Admission)Weekdays 3,000won / Weekends 5,000won
(Musical Performance) 10,000won
(1 Day Experience) 8,000won
*DISCOUNTS available for handicapped & veterans
*DISCOUNTS for foreigners are available here

How To Get There:
Take bus #200 or #2200 from Hapjeong Station Exit 2 (Subway Line 3) and get off at English Village.
Bus ride takes approximately 45 mins for bus #2200 at 2,000won.
(Bus #200 has more stops which takes you on a longer journey to reach English Village)
From there, you can walk to Heyri Art Village and to Provence Village on foot.

For more info, check out their official website

Other places to visit in Paju:

Paju Premium Outlet
Lotte Premium Outlet
Paju Book City
Odusan Observatory

Check out 3 Girls One Journey in SEOUL at

SEOUL Diaries Autumn 2014

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Day 4:
Gyeonggi English Village
Heyri Art Village
Provence Village

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  5. Viranisa Amalia   •  

    Hi missuety,
    I really excited when i found the review about Gyeonggi English Village from your homepage. Could you please let me know what camera do you used when you taking the picture above? Thank you for your reply :)

    • MisSuetY   •     Author

      Hi Viranisa,

      Thank you for your comment.
      I’m using Canon S90.
      It’s a really old model.. :)


  6. jo   •  

    Hihi! Thanks for your blog. But the picture link seems to be broke :( I love how you detailed describe though :) thanks! ^^

  7. Ka Wo   •  


    So far your blog provide the best info for the english village

    If I am going to the english village from seoul, will it be advisable to subway all the way to daehwa station then change to bus? or go to Hapjeong station and take bus 2200?


    • MisSuetY   •     Author


      Thanks for dropping by.

      I’m not too sure about the route from Daehwa St. but we find that it was more convenient to get to Hapjeong St. from the place we stayed last time compared to getting to Daehwa St.
      Bus #2200 has lesser stops which means shorter time (45 mins only from Hapjeong St.) compared to bus #200 which has more stops.

      Hope this helps :)

  8. ruffeecola   •  

    This is a very helpful entry! Would you know if the Engllish village is still open for foreign tourists?

  9. Karlo   •  

    I’m really fixated at the rail way you found, is it easy to find once we enter the village?
    I think this page is the most extensive guide on getting to English Village. Thank you!

    • MisSuetY   •     Author

      Hey Hey!

      Yes, you will be able to see it as you enter the village.

      Glad it helps :)


  10. raragil   •  

    Your trip is so inspirate.
    i should put this place on my list..hihi
    but can i ask you about the camera that you use to take your photo’s.
    That’s look so beautiful..

  11. Peggy   •  

    Hi. thanks for your post. i saw that bus 2200 have many stops also to paju premium outlets. can we take that bus after spending our time in english village to paju premium outlets then back to hapjeong station?

    • MisSuetY   •     Author

      Hi Peggy,

      I think it does take you back to Hapjeong Station but for more accurate information, I advise that you ask the information center in Paju Premium Outlet before leaving. :)


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