Hello everyone!
Christmas is around the corner and I’m sure everyone is busy with the preparations..
I love this festive season the most cos it gives me this very warm feeling which me myself don’t even know why… LOL
So, I guess around this time everyone is rushing here and there looking for presents.
I know some of you might be attending some X’mas parties too.
Well, to cut short..
What I actually wanna suggest here is that you can probably make a character bento set as a gift or even make it to bring to parties (potluck).
As you can see, the 2 below is made for a friend as a gift for her birthday.
It’s really simple, trust me!
What you need here is patience, that’s all!
I made two sets since there was 5 of us and each of us had one Rilakkuma!!
It was actually my first challenge and there wasn’t any practice beforehand.
See!! Now, you can trust me for what I’ve said which is “It’s very simple!!”.
Even a lousy cook can do that!!haha
The ingredients used is the same as my previous Omelette Rice recipe which can be found here.
After cooking them, shape them up into the shape of that cute Rilakkuma and decorate them in any ways you like.
For the decorations, I actually use mini tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and also tamagoyaki.
So, what are you waiting for? Go try it out!!:)