After class at 12:30pm, I went to Tokyo Immigration Bureau to get my re-entry permit done.
It was pretty fast as it took less than an hour.

But, the funny thing was two days ago I went to the convenient store to purchase the Revenue Stamps and I actually purchased 3,000yen Revenue Stamps means there’s like 15pieces of 200yen stamps. It looks really like those normal stamps where you use it for postage purpose and…. I don’t know why, or maybe because people hardly purchase them at that convenient store I went to and the sales person was pretty shocked as he asked me a couple of times whether I really wanna purchase 3,000yen stamps!!..~haha
After he asked me that, I was kinda worry whether I asked for the right stamp or not as it’s not a small amount.
Still, in the end I purchased it and YES, it’s the right one!
*Should have took pics of the revenue stamps!~Yeekzzz

I don’t know why they don’t accept cash instead of that piece of paper or so called Revenue Stamps!
So weird!!!!!
Anyhow, I got it done and I’m going HOME!!!
Just wanna getaway from the coldness for some time as I know I might be complaining about the hot weather back there.

I know I’m crazy but in this weather I had STARBUCKS Caramel Frap!
Plus, I was not having it in the shop but having it while walking back to dorm..(This is crazeee)
Also, I have not fully recovered from cough and flu and I hope it won’t get worst.
Not only that, I also had Green Tea Parfait for lunch!~haha
I’m killin myself~lol