G’day everyone!
Another post on outfit.
Had a Post Christmas Party or so called Gathering last night at a friend’s place.
Decided to wear something that has Christmas color..
So I took off with this RED Polka Skirt..
This skirt reminds me of Autumn in Japan as this was my fav item during the Autumn season last year.
The full coordinate looks something like this..
White Blouse ~ Olive des Olive
Polka Dot Skirt & Belt ~ Ingni
Cardigan ~ Bershka
Heels ~ Esprenza
*All items are from Jp except the cardigan
This slapshot is without the cardigan and hair looks slightly different.
Now, this is before steppin’ out!
Gotta show ya some poker face!:)
Yesterday’s party/gathering was pretty awesome as I haven’t been attending party like this for some time already.
Thumbs up!