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Savour pan-fried Potatoes with Garlic & Thyme

A perfect side-dish to compliment all types of meat or you can prepare it as snacks as this definitely gonna be everyone’s favourite.
I personally love to side it with my fish dishes to substitute rice.

– Teriyaki Fish –
side with pan-fried Potatoes & Spinach

– Pan-fried Fish with Rosemary –
side with pan-fried Potatoes & French Beans

– Shioyaki Fish –
side with pan-fried Potatoes and KaiLan

Similar ingredients used in all fish dishes, with slight differences in condiments.
So here’s the recipe to this pan-fried potatoes.
You will notice that I use baking soda here as this will give your potatoes that crisp texture.

If you google “Best Roasted Potatoes” or “Best Grilled Potatoes”, you will find this ingredient popping up every where on your page and definitely the winner in bringing you crispier texture to your potatoes! Also, I’m using homegrown thyme, and you may substitute it with rosemary too.

Pan-fried Potatoes with Garlic & Thyme Recipe

ย * Servings 2 – 3
* Prep Time: 5 minutes
* Cooking Time: 15 minutes


1 tbs baking soda
2 tbs olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
4 sprigs of thyme
2 large potatoes cut into cubes

How To Cook

1. Boil potatoes in a pot with baking soda for approximately 10 mins.
2. Meanwhile, place the olive oil in pan and fry the garlic until golden brown, then add in the sprigs of thyme until it gives that pungent fragrant. Then remove from pan and set aside.
3. Once potatoes are cooked, carefully drain and let it sit for 1 minute until excess moisture is removed.
4. Now prepare the pan with olive oil and place the potatoes in and fry at medium-high heat. Then add salt and pepper to season.
5. Flip the potatoes around to make sure all sides has that slight brownish crisp texture.
6. Once all sides have turned brown, toss in the garlic and thyme and constantly stir it around the pan for about 1 minute before serving.
7. It’s best to serve immediately after removing it from the pan so the crisp texture can be enjoyed!