There’s this place called SWEETS FOREST


It was soo YUMMY!!

Well, I guess all GIRLS love SWEETS..

Will be going for more SWEETS next week..

Soooo looking forward…

Rush Hour

Today I’ll be sharing a tiny bitsy piece of story of my everyday life here.

Well, as you might know already in JAPAN, trains are the best transportation here though we think cars are the best back there. (I miss driving)>_<

I have been hopping into trains to and fro from University every morning during rush hours and here are some bitsy things I would like to share.

I don’t know how should I describe them as during that RUSH HOUR. They are really different other than that time. During RUSH HOUR, you might see a little of unity?!~Should I use that “Unity” word here, I wonder!

Everyone queues up in line by standing behind the yellow line (safe zone). There’s about 4 lines and it will be a very long queue at every line. From my experience, if you’re standing on the 4th or more behind, you definitely won’t get a place to sit and get ready to get crush at every stop as more people are squeezing in even when there’s no more space to breath!

When I say UNITY, it happens whenever they see the train arriving and everyone will step forward at the same time, very close to the gate/door of the train getting ready to fight for a sit! Once the door of the train opens, everyone rushes in with their eyes aiming for the sit. You’ll see that HAPPY/RELIEVED faces of those who manage to grab a sit.

In the train, you’ll see them either sleeping or on their iPod/phones but mostly in the morning, everyone is on the sleeping mode. They can even stand and sleep without falling down.~So well trained eh!! I always wonder, are they that tired that they wouldn’t even care about their image whenever they sleep in the train where girls will wake up with a messy hair as their head float around from left to right.

After 3 weeks of attempts, on MONDAY I finally managed to grab a sit and that’s when I realized how they felt when they got a sit and having that HAPPY or RELIEVED feeling in them.~lol
To be honest, I’ve been trying to grab a sit everytime during that rush hour but never once succeeded not until MONDAY!~I was so happy that I don’t have to stand and get crushed by those working people!

This is how it’s like in JAPAN during RUSH HOUR on trains.
Everyone is just afraid of being late for work.
‘Being on time is just part of their culture’!
So if you’re a person who is never on time, you might have trouble living in this country but it might be a good thing/ good opportunity for you to change too.

Saturday Outing

Went down to Tokyo yesterday with Jeong.

Initially we only plan to go to Shibuya but

ended up going to Yoyogi Park and Harajuku too.

We first had SUSHI for lunch and did a little shopping and lastly PURIKURA.

で、原宿でCREPEを食べた。 美味しかった~やっぱチーズケッキが入ってたCREPEは美味しいね!
In HARAJUKU, we had CREPE as we were craving for it.
It was so YUMMY!~Afterall having CHEESECAKE in my crepe was a right choice!


Let’s have another OUTING next time~

It was a FUN DAY!


Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox Festival

and no classes were commenced on that day

So I met up with teacher and we went down to Yokohama City

Yokohama always reminds me of the FERRIS WHEEL

When we reached there, we first went to the Red Brick Building and then hopped onto the City Bus for a city tour.

The city tour even took us 1 hour.

After that, we rode the Ferris Wheel and then for lunch.

Around 4pm, we went down to Tokyo and met up with Azam for dinner.

Around 6pm, teacher sent me back to my dorm.

He’s a really nice teacher, isn’t he?!..

Soo..Yeah!..This is how I spent my holiday yesterday.

Shimoda Welcome Party

We’ve got ‘Welcome Party’ today in Shimoda, the dorm!..

Eating, drinking and chatting!!

My floor has to cook Okonomiyaki and I think it’s pretty cool cos it’s something that I know and also it’s my fav dish!~haha

Yay!..I did help out in frying the Okonomiyaki and also was really careless as I kinda burnt myself with the ladder?!..So me uh!!..(^^)

Here it is..

It ended with a photo session and then back to the room!

Satisfactory Dinner

First ever proper dinner after 8 days in Japan!

It’s not like I haven’t been eating properly but this is the 1st ever dinner OUT from dorm!~haha

Here we are, together with the RAs/Master students in the same dorm!

From LEFT to RIGHT, MAYUMI-san(JP), NICO(France), TAKA-san(JP), Kit(HK), ME!

Great OKONOMIYAKI served in that small home-shop and my belly is sticking out now!~haha

What’s interesting about this shop is that the owner takes pictures of every customers who came here for his OKONOMIYAKI and he collects them in a file!
We’re in the 7th FILE!~AWESOME

Placement Test

Woke up as early as 6am, which is 5am back in Malaysia and left around 7:10am.

Haven’t been able to sleep well since the day I arrived.

So reached the campus around 8:15am and had the test at 9am.

Here’s how the hall looks like..

So JAPAN!~haha..Seen this sort of hall for test in Japanese Drama but never seen or entered a real one before….and here I am!

No preparation and nothing for this test and all I can say is that I forgotten lots of KANJIs!!GOSH~

After this test, waited until 3pm for MEXT Orientation!

I just feel so pressure whenever I mention MEXT!~Arghh…

Anyways, should be happy cos no class tomorrow!~YAY!

Campus Tour

Today has been the 7th day, here in Japan!

Whole lots of experience!

Had this Campus Tour thingy this morning and I would say this University is pretty awesome.

First, the 5th floor of the South School Building overlooks Tokyo Tower!

Pretty NICE uh!

Another thing is that there’s one building, if I’m not mistaken, it’s a student lounge?!..Anyways, it looks so like a HAUNTED MANSION!~haha

No pictures though..Will try to get one the next time if I ever had a chance to go there again!

It’s still an Orientation Week and tomorrow we’ve got PLACEMENT TEST!

No preparation or anything and I’ll just see what happens tomorrow!~lol

Signing off for now!~Bye

Oh Yeah!Before saying GOOD-BYE, just wanna say HAPPY Mid-Autumn Day!? or Happy Mooncake Festival Day?!..

Ok, whatever!..I so wanna eat moooncake now!

Orientation in Mita Campus

Today is the 1st day of Orientation and it’s so different from the one I experienced back in UM!…This is so much simpler and relaxing…

It started at 9.30am and ended at 12.30pm.

After that, went to a RAMEN Shop nearby the campus for lunch.
Had this SHIO RAMEN for 700yen.

Discovered this when I finished eating.
JUNG MIN of SS501 came here before for RAMEN!~WOW!!

After lunch, took the train back to HIYOSHI and went to get some stuff from DAISO and also some Supermarket along the street back to dorm.

Also, I got myself a PASMO card which I think it’ll be useful since I’ll be using the train everyday now.

With this, I don’t have to buy tickets from the machine but only reload it when it runs out of credit.

Pretty convenient huh!

Oh Yeah!..I bought healthy food today like banana, grapes, yogurt and dango?!..lol

I think I need to eat healthily in order not to fall sick as the medical bill here is superbly expensive!


できごと~Checked list

Since morning, i went to the City Hall located in Okurayama to register for the Alien Registration Card where all foreigners needed to…

Then, to open a bank account and after that did some shopping (not clothing but groceries) ~haha

When I got back, it was already lunch time and I had Dorayaki and Vegetable juice bought from the convenient store or so called “KONBINI” here.

And…am gonna have Spaghetti and Hamburg for dinner tonight.

No pics for that tho….

Well…..that’s how I spend my day today!