Gotemba Premium Outlet

On the 16th of this month, me and my friend headed down to Gotemba Premium Outlet for shopping. We expect it would be really crowded since it’s a public holiday (Marine Day) but it turned out to be quite OK (as in normal). We were actually expecting that there will be more shops offering TIME SALES since it’s a holiday and that is why we wouldn’t mind even if it’s really crowded. If you’re wondering what’s TIME SALES, I’ll explain it here. For a time limit, there will be an additional of 10 – 20% discount when you pay your goods at the cashier. For example, lets say you got a 50% off item and during that time limit, you will get an additional of 10% or 20% off when you pay at the cashier. Sometimes, there’s restriction of 2 items and above or a specific amount and above. In that case, you can combine with your friends if you’re not getting that much. It’s really worth it when they’ve TIME SALES!! So, don’t miss this chance if you ever see any shops having TIME SALES in JAPAN. This is the 4th outlet I’ve been to in Japan and all are equally good. It actually depends on what you’re looking for. If you wanna get branded goods like Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Dior, Chloe etc., I think Gotemba Outlet has it all. In fact, I think Gotemba Outlet has the most brands. Also, I find it easier to walk in that Outlet since it does not have 2 levels. The other Outlets I went to like Rinku Premium Outlet (Osaka), Jazz Dream Premium Outlet (Nagoya) and Tama Minami Osawa Mitsui Outlet (Hachioji, Tokyo) has 2 levels, so it’s hard to see everything at one glance since you will get confused and don’t know where to start, if you know what I mean. Here’s the surrounding of this outlet.

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Shibuya 7 Days Bargain Sales

Shibuya Summer Sales started today and so happen I don’t have class today so I decided to take this opportunity to shop since today is a weekday and it wouldn’t be so crowded. Yay!! I got 4 pieces of one piece. This time not from my fav brands but from brands like Ank Rouge, Rose Fan Fan and Minirdees. Haven’t got any clothes from any of these brands before but then because most of the clothes I want from my fav brands, I already bought it so I’ve got no choice but to get clothing from other brands now. (LOL~ It’s not like it’s a must but then since it’s cheap so I thought I should get a few) Two one-piece denim, one flowery dress and also checkered dress. It just feels so SUMMER. Hrm..I feel like I’ve so much clothes from Japan now and I actually thought of selling off some of them when I get back. I actually have some which I bought last summer when I was here on a short trip with mum and until now I don’t think I’ve wore it not even once. Should I sell them?! haha

今日のゲット ~ Today’s ITEM


Finally got my hands on Dolly Wink products.

Also got the Lavshuca Limited Edition Eyeshadow.
Bought it just because of the eyeshadow base which comes with it in a set. ~lol

Got the Canmake Highlighter because I really needed one.

Well, that’s all for today.


Yesterday me and my friend went downtown for some spring shopping and

I’m kinda happy with all those purchases.

The first one that I’ll be wearing is this PINK COAT and WHITE DRESS (Both from SHIBUYA)

By the way, the sweet PINK COAT is a HIT ITEM for this Spring. (So get one pink coat if you don’t have one yet)

I was actually looking for a pair of heels or wedges too but hard luck, couldn’t find one for now.

Well, that’s all for now.


Today’s the 1st day of class but ended up I don’t have to attend today due to storm that might hit the Tokyo Metropolitan in the evening.
And, so happen that my 1st class for today starts on the 4th period and classes from 4th period onwards are canceled.
I regretted waking up without checking my mail first and I ended up all nicely dressed, ready for class. Just like the pic above.
This just reminds me of last year when classes was canceled due to typhoon.
How lucky!~lol

Hello Japan!

G’day! I’m back in Japan safe and sound.
Haven’t been updating much since last month after flying back to Malaysia.
Well, I had a really awesome holiday back in Malaysia and even took a 5 days trip to Macau and Hong Kong.
Going back home is like going to Heaven, getting pampered and having all the good food. lol
I don’t mean that I’m living in Hell now but still nothing beats home as there’s no place like home after all.
I can’t believe there’s like only 4 months plus to go before going back to Malaysia for good.
BOWWOW!!~ Time flies like..??!!

Anyways, I’m off PARTY-ing now:)

Spring Break

Spring Break started since yesterday and the first outing is to Tokyo DisneySea(again)!!..haha

Finally I completed all the top rides there and had much fun shopping and eating too!!(^_^)☆

This is my new friend, the University Bear from Disney Store.(^O^☆♪


Woke up this morning at 6.40am and wondered how come it’s still so dark as it used to be very bright at that hour.

Swept the curtain right up and didn’t notice anything not until around 7 something where I was about to leave for class and “TADA” …”It’s SNOWING! This is bad”….

I changed into a thicker coat and had my umbrella with me and off I go to class.

Had a hard time in the snow as it was also windy.

Got my boots all wet and I was soaking in there, I mean my feet.
Regretted for not getting a waterproof boots as I was only wearing a mutton boots.>_I had my feet soaking in that boots which had snow=water in it for like 5 hours..

Besides that, I actually planned to go for grocery shopping after class today but because of the snow, wind and rain, I ended up in a convenient store to stock my food and getting ready to hibernate for 2 days as I don’t plan to go out in this weather.*haha


Re-entry Permit ~ CHECKED

After class at 12:30pm, I went to Tokyo Immigration Bureau to get my re-entry permit done.
It was pretty fast as it took less than an hour.

But, the funny thing was two days ago I went to the convenient store to purchase the Revenue Stamps and I actually purchased 3,000yen Revenue Stamps means there’s like 15pieces of 200yen stamps. It looks really like those normal stamps where you use it for postage purpose and…. I don’t know why, or maybe because people hardly purchase them at that convenient store I went to and the sales person was pretty shocked as he asked me a couple of times whether I really wanna purchase 3,000yen stamps!!..~haha
After he asked me that, I was kinda worry whether I asked for the right stamp or not as it’s not a small amount.
Still, in the end I purchased it and YES, it’s the right one!
*Should have took pics of the revenue stamps!~Yeekzzz

I don’t know why they don’t accept cash instead of that piece of paper or so called Revenue Stamps!
So weird!!!!!
Anyhow, I got it done and I’m going HOME!!!
Just wanna getaway from the coldness for some time as I know I might be complaining about the hot weather back there.

I know I’m crazy but in this weather I had STARBUCKS Caramel Frap!
Plus, I was not having it in the shop but having it while walking back to dorm..(This is crazeee)
Also, I have not fully recovered from cough and flu and I hope it won’t get worst.
Not only that, I also had Green Tea Parfait for lunch!~haha
I’m killin myself~lol