Osaka Diaries: Day 1 & 2

Day 1 -Rinku Town-

So after we landed in Kansai International Airport, out first stop was Rinku Town.

We left our luggage in the locker in the Airport and took the train to Rinku Town on a 3 minutes ride.

Our purpose here is to visit the Rinku Premium Outlet.

Photo 2013-10-25 0 29 44

Buys for this season wasn’t really good although they have TIME SALES.

Rinku Town

They have extended the outlet to the beach area and most of the brands they carry there are those brands that can be found in Shibuya 109.

Rinku Town

There’s SLY, Rienda, Moussy, Dazzlin etc.

Rinku Town

But most of the designs are off season!

Still, you will be able to find some nice ones that you didn’t manage to buy on their previous season.

Back to the main side of the outlet, they have designer brands like Furla, Salvatore Ferragamo, Michael Kors and etc.

Photo 2013-10-25 0 33 09

Also, they have brands like Nike, Adidas, Gap, Oshkosh…

Rinku Town

Not only international brands but they also carry their local Japanese brands at discounted price!

If you’re a tourist, just show your passport at the Customer Information Counter to get coupons for further discounts when you shop at specific stores.

Photo 2013-10-25 0 31 04

Me browsing through the coupons to see which store offers further discounts.

Oh Yeah! They even have Samantha Thavasa here and I managed to buy a Thavasa bag for my cousin at half price!

If you are aiming for off season designer brands, I think Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima in Nagoya is the right place for you.

They carry more designer brands and you will enjoy spending your money off there more than in Rinku Town I say!

After spending like 5 hours in Rinku Premium Outlet, we walked our way to Marble Beach to watch the sunset.

Marble Beach

This beach really bring back memories of my stay here 4 years back when I came under the JENESSYS Programme.

I really really love this beach!

It is much prettier in Spring when the Sakura blooms.

Marble Beach

A shot during sunset!

Before we left Rinku Town, we had our first dinner in a family Restaurant in Palette Town.

Then, we rode the train back to the Airport and then to our hotel in Shin-Osaka.

For transportation tips, check the end of this post.

Day 2 -Osaka Bay Area-

On the 2nd day, we travel around using the Osaka Unlimited Pass.

This is outfit for Day 2.


Blouse ~ Pinky Girls (Japan)

Inner One Piece ~ Dip Drops (Japan)

Bootie ~ Nice Claup  (Japan)

Socks ~ Tutuanna (Japan)

Our first ride of the day is this huge TEMPOZAN Ferris Wheel.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel

The view from above is amazing, I guess?!

Tempozan View Tempozan View

And then some acts in the ferris wheel..

First up, the puffy fish lips look.


Then, the peace sign!


And the timid look that says

“AHHHHhhh! I don’t wanna ride this! I wanna get down!”


Not convincing enough uh! haha

After a 17 minutes ride on the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, our next stop is the Kaiyukan (Aquarium).


The entrance fee is 2,300yen per person.

Not too expensive I guess!

Our plan after this was to go for the Santa Maria Cruise but due to the weather it was canceled!

Didn’t get to ride but still have to pose with it! ^^

Santa Maria

That’s the Santa Maria ship at the back.

The wind was so strong that day that they have to cancel the night cruise ><

So we continue on with our plan and off we went to Floating Garden Observatory (Umeda Sky Building).

To save money on transportations and also entrance fee to facilities, you can consider buying  discounted travel tickets to travel in Osaka, Japan.

For my case, I bought 3 types of tickets;

1. ICOCA & HARUKA  (to travel from airport to major cities like Umeda, Osaka, Shin-Osaka and Kyoto using JR Lines)

2. Osaka Unlimited Pass (1 day or 2 days pass that allows you to enter certain facilities for free using the Subway)

3. Kansai Thru Pass (2 or 3 days pass that allows you to travel to Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and many more using the private lines)

With this tickets or passes, we only spend about 10,000yen (roughly around Rm330) on transport for our entire trip.