Osaka Diaries: Day 3 & 4

Day 3 -Osaka Tourist Spots-

Our 2nd and final day traveling around with the Osaka Unlimited Pass. 

(We bought the 2 days OSAKA UNLIMITED PASS so it’s our final day using this pass)

First stop of the day was traveling back to the Edo Period.

Osaka House & Living Museum

The Osaka Museum of House & Living

I was actually trying to act as if I was trying to climb but after looking at it, it looks like I’m seducing the board! lol

Osaka Museum of House & Living

If you love history, this isn’t a bad place to visit.

You can actually just pay 300yen to dress up in Kimono and walk around with it for like 30mins.

A good experience for first timers in Japan!!

After spending like an hour or so here, we then did a little shopping nearby and got our BENTOs (packed meal that can be found in convenience store like 7 Eleven, Family Mart and etc.) ready for picnic!

Here’s what I bought!


BENTO for only 298yen and also got my fav TAMAGO (egg) from Family Mart.

And here we are ready to eat our BENTOs surrounded by greenies.

Osaka Castle

Having a fun time picnicking at some green spots around Osaka Castle 

And here’s my LOTD


Brown Sweater Cardi ~ Dazzlin (Japan)

Pink Skirt ~ Dazzlin (Japan)

Bootie ~ Nice Claup (Japan)

Socks ~ Tutuanna (Japan)

After filling our stomach with some cheap but delicious food,

we are all set to climb up the Osaka Castle.

Here’s the route to the Castle.

Osaka Castle

Weather was good that day!

Taking a pic with this grand building which is a museum while waiting for the crazy crowd that are trying to capture the Osaka Castle to disappear.

Osaka Castle

Yay! Finally! I can have a shot with the castle too.

Osaka Castle

Such a beautiful Castle!

When I said we are all set to climb up the Castle, I really mean it!

It was so crowded that we have to use the stairs to the top to catch the view.

Osaka Castle View

Went up 8 floors to capture this view.

We spent the longest time here strolling around the areas that is surrounding the Osaka Castle.

In the evening, we moved on with schedule and visited the Tsutenkaku Tower.

Tsutenkaku Tower

I was really excited to go up there.

Tsutenkaku Tower

The tower looks grand and all and I was hoping for some super awesome view up there but this was a huge disappointment of all the places we visited.

We waited for an hour plus to get to top and took less than 15 minutes to explore the tower.

The entrance fee wasn’t cheap too but luckily it was included in the pass so no complaints.

This will be out of my list the next time I travel to Osaka again.

But the funny thing is that this place left a deep impression on us cos of the catch phrase that they use every time they take a picture of the visitors here.

After this, we rushed to Namba for this Tombori Cruise.

Tombori Cruise

We missed the Santa Maria cruise and we didn’t want to miss this one too so we skipped dinner for this.

Along the way of this Tombori Cruise, we met this famous GLICO Man!

Glico Man

FYI, the ticket counter for this cruise can be found somewhere near Don Quixote and the place to board is just in front this store.

If you can’t read Japanese, here’s roughly how the store looks like.

Don Quixote

After our ride here, we did a lil shopping in this store.

They sell everything under one roof from Cosmetics, Food, Electronics and etc. Just name it!

We sacrificed our dinner for all this and then went to “Fugestu” for supper which I’ve talked about it in the Food In Osaka Post

All entrance fee to the places we visited on this day were FREE with the OSAKA UNLIMITED PASS

Day 4 -Free Day-

By the 4th day, all of our legs gave out and everyone called for a free day!

So we took our time strolling around our hotel and also Umeda.

This is the hotel we stayed during our trip.

Winner of the 2010 Rakuten Travel Award: Consort Hotel 

Consort Hotel

Went to Harbs in Daimaru for tea.


I highly recommend this place!

Their cakes are superb!


We had the last piece of Mille Crepe which was super Yummy!

After that, we did a little shopping in Yodobashi and for dinner, we met up with the Japanese friend who traveled on an 8 hours bus ride to Osaka just to meet up with us for less than 3 hours!

Kirin City

Spot for the Japanese friend!

Hanged out in Kirin-city which is an awesome place!

Took a group pic before leaving.

Kirin City

Thank you so much for coming, Shuma!



Kirin City

That’s all and back to the hotel for a good sleep before we travel to Kyoto the next day.

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