Osaka Diaries: Day 5 & 6

Day 5  -Kyoto-

On the 5th day, using the Kansai Thru Pass , we went down to Kyoto for a day trip.

Our first visit of the day was the infamous Golden Pavilion also known as Kinkakuji.

Paid 400 yen to enter this place on a rainy day! ><

Golden Pavilion

Didn’t enjoy much because of the rain.

If there was no rain, it will be very nice to stroll along the trails.

We were all in a hurry because of the rain and we reached the exit in less than 15 mins.

After this, we visited Silver Pavilion also known as Ginkakuji.

This is my first visit to Silver Pavilion and I actually like this more than the Golden Pavilion.

Entrance fee is 500 yen which is 100 yen more than the Golden Pavilion.

View at the top!

Silver Pavilion

And YES! It was still raining at that time.

Silver Pavilion

Had a really quick tour around this place too.

Can never enjoy on such rainy day!><

After this, we stopped somewhere for lunch and then to Gion.

I think I was pretty lucky to catch a glimpse of a Maiko-san as I never expected I would be able to see one on a rainy day.

Ever since I did my research on Geisha for my final project, I was hoping to see one for real someday before they died out as there aren’t many left in Japan.

Probably around 200 plus of them left in Gion according to research.

So, Kyoto was an unexpectedly disappointing one for me and the rest of them I guess!

Oh Yay! Just a reminder, Tsujiri can be found in Gion street which I mentioned before in Food in Osaka post.

The plan to visit the famous KIYOMIZUDERA was called off!

So that’s all for Kyoto trip!

Day 6 -Universal Studios of Japan-

On the 6th day, I had a lil’ surprise as Mr. Pink handed out a piece of cake and along with the rest of them singing Ze BASUDEI (Birthday) song.

Birthday 2013

and we’re off to Universal Studios of Japan!

Before entering, we had some Takoyaki in this Takoyaki Museum in Universal City

Takoyaki Museum

We bought the Twilight Pass for 5,500 yen and entered the park at 3pm.

While waiting, we had to take a pic of this infamous globe!


The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman is my all time favourite!


We also wanted to queue for Hollywood Dream The Ride but then the queue was super long so we went for the Snoopy’s Great Race Roller Coaster.

Took some pics while waiting for others.

Waiting at the Bus Stop with the new friend.



The DOCTOR is in!


When in USJ, must eat CHURROS!


That’s all on USJ and we went back with a big yellow bag!!

Guess what is in there?!


Jeng Jeng Jeng!!

Dog snacks & Monster Snacks!!hahaha


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