Osaka Diaries: Kobe (Finale)

Rokkosan Pasture

Osaka Diaries Finale: Day 7

On the 7th day, we traveled to Kobe which is the capital of Hyogo Prefecture for a day trip using the Kansai Thru Pass.

The first stop of the day was Rokkosan Pasture.

We traveled down on a 37 mins ride on the Hankyu Kobe Line to Rokko Station.

From there we took the city bus to Rokko Cable Shita and then changed to the shuttle bus to Rokkosan Pasture.

The whole journey took us about an hour plus but it was worth it cos I made many friends there!^^

Let me introduce you my BESTEST BUDDIES…

The Sheep!

Rokkosan Pasture

Trying to stop this friend from running away so we can take a picture together.

Rokkosan Pasture

Since the sheep buddy is so busy munching into his fav snack, I went to make friend with The Horse!

This fella is being so generous that we even had a SELFIE together!

Not long later, the sheep buddy came by and allow us to take a pic of him.

Rokkosan Pasture

He even allowed me to take a picture together with em!

Rokkosan Pasture

I knew he was jealous after seeing me and the Horsie together! haha

Rokkosan Pasture

Not long after that, this happened!

Rokkosan Pasture

The black goatie fled from it’s pen and drove the sheeps away.

Rokkosan Pasture

Poor little sheeps!

So we continued on with our journey to another field.

Rokkosan Pasture

As we were walking towards another field,

we then saw this black goatie being caught by the authorities.

Poor Goatie gotta go back to the pen again!

Rokkosan Pasture

There were many more sheeps on this side of the field.

Spot the Black Black Sheep.

Rokkosan Pasture

This fella is such a cutie.

Rokkosan Pasture

This is how the other side of the field looks like.

Rokkosan Pasture

That’s not it!

There’s also another side where you’ll be able to see the field view.

Rokkosan Pasture

Going up there was pretty tough for me but glad I went up there.

Rokkosan Pasture

Hills everywhere!

Rokkosan Pasture

A place surrounded by greens and tranquillity.

This is one rarely seen sights!

Drop by here if you ever make your way to Kobe.

Rokkosan Pasture

Our stay here lasted about 4 hours since we missed the shuttle bus returning to Rokko Cable Shita which made us waited for another 1 hour.

If you come on weekends, you’ll be able to catch some shows.

Also, when you come here you should try their cheese and ice-cream.

I only tried ice-cream though cos I don’t  like raw cheese though I love cheesecake.

Rokkosan Pasture

After this, we went to Kobe Nankin Machi where the China Town is located and was supposed to meet up with a friend there but because we missed the shuttle bus, we didn’t get to meet that friend. ><

This is how China Town in Kobe looks like!

China Town Kobe

Center of China Town.

China Town Kobe

That’s all about Kobe!

There are many more other attractive places here but because we didn’t had much time, we were only able to visit 2 places in Kobe.

Will definitely come back to Kobe again someday!

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