Not another Girly Look

Another day of Sweet Girly Look.. Double OOPS!!
More of an OL look huh?!
White Blouse ~ INGNI
(Yeah! I know you might think how come this blouse looks like the previous post’s blouse!! It is the same blouse.. Don’t say I’m dirty uh! I only wore that blouse for a while only so I decided to wear it on the following day again with this skirt!!!)
Skirt ~ Majestic Legon (Japan)
*This brand is available for a certain period in ISETAN KLCC now, if I’m not wrong. I think it’s located together with the FORUCHIZU brand. I haven’t go check it out cos no time! Plus, I heard it’ll be until 3rd of Jan only!*criessss
I need to find a day to go check out their stuff.
Pink heels with ribbon ~ REZOY (Japan)
*This was only like 2990yen after discount. Bought from OIOI in Shibuya during their Summer Sales.
Oh! No! I’m missing Japan! I wanna go back there to study! or maybe shopping! (LOL)
Close-up of the pink heels
Nice right?! Suitable for OL style right?!*shock sendiri (LOL)
This is the LOOK of the DAY
Curled only the tip of the hair and bringing it back behind my ears.
I hardly put my hair behind my ears but I stuck it back the whole day eh!!
Got improvement d!!haha
So that’s all about it.
Till then!:)

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