Currently am using this really cute iPhone case which I bought online.
It’s made in Korea and I love the texture of this case.
Oh well! The little stuff that I’m supposed to mention is that cute handmade bulldog charm which is from Che Che.
I heard that Che Che boutique in Midvalley has closed down and I’m not too sure where in Malaysia that you’ll be able to get their stuff now.
The things they sell in their boutique are extremely cute but kinda expensive, especially those small bitsy items like coin pouch, charms and etc.
Partly also because most/all of the charms are handmade and their workmanship is really fine!
What a waste that their boutique has closed down now. ><
Regretted not getting more of their goodies…
I remember they’ve got Hello Kitty collections too from bags to charms and it’s super duper cute!!
I wanted to say go check them out but then I realized the boutique has closed down!~LOL
Well, that’s all on this post.
Oh Yeah! If you’re wondering where I got that cute mickey/minnie earpool or earplug or whatever you call them… It’s from Japan’s Disney Store!:)
That’s all about my little stuff.
Till then!:)