I’m back after for some time.

Have been out for like almost everyday for 4 weeks now.

Been to so many places like Ghibli Musuem, Arcades, Shinjuku (countless times), Yoyogi Park, for BUFFET and also the title of today’s post, Mt. Takao.

Went hiking there and we took the 2nd hardest trail up to the peak.

It took us about 90mins to reach the peak to see the beautiful autumn leaves.

Great experience I would say as I don’t remember hiking before, not even in Malaysia. (lol)

After Mt. Takao, we went to GINZA for fresh seafood ~ clams, squids, scallops, cod fish ~ YUMMY!!

Also, for that 4 weeks I had 4 times of BUFFET, the same one twice.. SUKIYAKI Buffet and PASTA Buffet!~haha

Even put on some weight now!~LOL

All the food here just look too good and there’s no way to go on diet here in JAPAN!*_*

Around this time, you’re able to see those autumn leaves in TOKYO Area..

Lovin’ AUTUMN though I kinda think I’ve started to dress in winter clothing!~lol