Now in this modern world most live in a condominium or apartment,
or even a home studio rather than a landed property. In fact, it will be so much more easier to maintain it — keeping it clean and cosy compared to a landed property if only you keep your home clutter-free = which also means minimal.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you my very own 5 tips for creating a minimal bedroom and how to maintain it.

Your Bedroom Your Oasis

Bedroom is the place where you spend your time most at home (if you’re a working person) — an average of 7-8 hours of sleep, an hour to two of mobile gaming, checking IG & FB or reading which comes up to a total of 10 hours spent in the bedroom. Since so much of the time will be spent in the bedroom, therefore you should keep it clutter-free and an inviting oasis. The key here is to keep it simple and minimal as possible!

5 Tips For Creating A Minimal Bedroom

1. Minimal furnitures

Pick furnitures that look as simple as possible and keep it up to the number of 3.
In my bedroom, I have a double-size bed from IKEA, an old coffee shop stool serve as a bedside table and a small dressing table.
I don’t have a wardrobe in my room due to the small space and in order to make it looks spacious, I store my clothing in the closet room or so called store room.

2. Light color palette

I style my room with light color palettes from white to beige and grey, and sometimes a tinge of pink. The walls are white, the flooring, bedsheets and furnitures are in earth tones.
This will make the room looks brighter, thus very inviting.

3. Layer curtains & warm lightings

Sleep is essential, and talking about a good night’s sleep, lighting plays an important role. Opt for low temperature lightings to arouse the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

My advice for curtains is to have 2 layers — sheer curtains for daytime as we want our bedroom to look bright with the natural light and blackout curtains for night time to help you sleep through the night. As for the blackout curtains, you want to stay in your color palette. I got mine in grey.

4. Bring nature into the bedroom

Instead of decorating your bedroom with non-functional items, why not opt for a pot or two of indoor plants? It’s a great way to destress your room, bringing tranquility and peace to you.

What’s better is that certain indoor plants help to purify air such as aloe vera, snake plant, english ivy, rubber plant and many more. But, if you’re not a person with green fingers I suggest the aloe vera and snake plant as both these plants are very hardy.

5. No cluttering

By all means ― never clutter!
I put things back in order after using to avoid cluttering them in the bedroom.
In the mornings, I make sure I tidy up my bed and I insisted the fiancé to do the same too on days when I’m off to work earlier than him.

Also, take time to clean room at least once a week and sort out and give away unused items.
Bedsheets and other bedding such as pillow covers and duvet are changed every 3~4 weeks,
and dirty ones are placed right into the washing machine to be washed and dry, then folded.
Never pile them up as this is also part of cluttering!
Remember that a neat and tidy space creates peace, which then induces to a better rest and sleep.

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Minimalist Bedroom

Here’s a short clip on how I change my beddings into fresh and clean ones.

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