Look how messy it gets when I have to study for test and exam.

Finals is just around the corner and at the same time I still have test to sit for before the finals.

My table is filled with papers, notes, and unnecessary items.

I was too tired or sick of revising and I thought I should just blog to waste some time.~lol

I think the cold weather is making me so lazy and gloomy as well.

Every time I plan to study at that certain time, I ended up playing games and lazing around (not on the bed but in front of my lappie)

I know this sounds ridiculous but I am missing the heat back in MALAYSIA!

The cold weather here just make you wanna sleep in for the whole day doing nothing except for the most important thing which is EATING!!

Well, I did better go and finish up my work now before I end up playing games again.

Till then..