SPRING/SUMMER 2016 Trend Color
FRENCH Line Hair Color by MILBON ORDEVE Color

Halo! I’m back and I apologize for the long gone.

Have been busy with work and personal stuff lately and went MIA.

Anyways, I tried my best and took a little of my time off for this post as I wanna share with you guys the latest hair trend color.

This SPRING/SUMMER is all about ASH.

A trendy ASHY Green and ASHY Purple by MILBON ORDEVE French Line.

I tried both and am totally in love with both the colors.

Inner – ASHY Purple (fSA)
Outer – ASHY Green (fMA)

Did this hair color in January, had my hair bleached twice and colored the ORDEVE French Line Sepia Ash (fSA) and French Mauve Ash (fMA).

Never been this satisfied before with my hair color.

Feeling so trendy all of a sudden.. haha

If you’re interested, you can get them colored now in salons carrying MILBON ORDEVE French Line Color.

I assure you’ll totally fall in love with the pastel ASH colors.

Yay! So the above pics are the ones I did back in January this year.

After it faded and about 3 months later which is about just last week, I had my hair color fixed again.

Once again, I had the MILBON ORDEVE French Line Color.

This time I had the darker version of the ASHY Green (fSA).

Though the color might slowly fade as days go by, but the faded version unexpectedly amazed me too.

It does not fade and turn into the previous bleached color but it stays yellowish greenish for some time before it becomes cool blonde.

I was afraid it might stay yellow or orangey but to my surprised, the yellowish green tinge were pretty strong and it remained in my hair before it completely turned cool blonde.

Every time it fades, I feel like I had just done another hair color which brings much anticipation.

Yay! So go try this MILBON French Line Color now!

You won’t regret and you don’t wanna regret for not trying this color once in your lifetime.

Of course, to get this ASHY color, you will have to sacrifice a little to get it bleached before coloring.

You know the saying, “There is always a price to pay”…haha

But, as long as you keep your hair well using good shampoo and treatment, somehow it stays fairly good.

Well, that’s all and I hope you find this post interesting.

SPRING/SUMMER 2016 Hair Trend Color
by MILBON ORDEVE Professional Hair Color

ORDEVE French Line

2 Color Lines:
FRENCH Sepia Ash (fSA) – ASHY Green
FRENCH Mauve Ash (fMA) – ASHY Purple