Les Merveilleuses Ladurée 2015 Spring Collection

Another astonishing lineup spring series by my favourite brand.

Common’ in to find out more!

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée cosmetic never fail to impress me with their lovely designs after years and years.

I am still amazed and in love with their designs which they’ve produced for their Spring Collection.

Although I actually vowed to myself that I will stop buying anymore makeup products for the meantime but this is exceptional.

So here’s the 3 items which i’ve got my hands on and have compiled my thoughts on these 3 items.

[badge style=”pink”]FACE COLOR ROSE – SCARLET & LAVENDER[/badge] [badge style=”purple”]PETITE EYE COLOR COLLECTION[/badge]

Talking about the FACE COLOR, this year they actually came out with 2 limited-shades which are SCARLET (red) and LAVENDER (purple).

[label style=”red”]SCARLET [/label]

[label style=”purple”]LAVENDER[/label]

The red one can be used as a cheek color and the purple one as face powder.

As for the packaging design, there’s 2 designs to choose from which are LUCKY CHARM (lady bird) and Merveilleuses (floral). The LUCKY CHARM design is actually a new design for this year and the Merveilleuses is what I call their classic design which was also released last year for this Rose Ladurée Mini Set.

[label style=”yellow”]LUCKY CHARM[/label]

[label style=”pink”]MERVEILLEUSES[/label]

I didn’t manage to get it last year and thankfully they repeated this design this year again and was able to get it.

Since this Rose Ladurée Mini is always limited in SPRING for their Spring Collection only, I know I will have to have this in my collection.

So without considering much I actually got both the colors in different packaging design.

All just so lovely and I cannot resist the urge to not getting them.

[label style=”purple”]FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE MINI  – LAVENDER[/label]

I think it actually covers pretty naturally with shimmering effect which keeps your face glowing.

The shimmering effect might not look obvious from the picture below but doesn’t it looks natural as though no makeup is on?!

I actually applied only a thin layer of base and liquid foundation and finish it up with this face powder.

Unexpectedly it came out looking very natural and covers perfectly without leaving out any spots.

I love how natural it looks on your face and how it actually stains on your face so effectively despite the form of a rose.

Just a few strokes of brush and it’s ready to go on your face.

This is just how good it is!

[label style=”red”]FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE MINI  – SCARLET[/label]

As for this one in red, it’s obviously a cheek color.

Just a few strokes on the petals and apply on the cheek.

Amazingly sweet scent with awesome texture.

Oh! By the way, can you see the shimmering effect from the picture here?!

It simply helps to brighten up your skin tone with natural effect and perfectly great to wear out on a date.

[label style=”yellow”]PETITE EYE COLOR COLLECTION[/label]

A perfect palette for a charming look.

I first cover it with the beige color as the base (top pic), then the burgundy color on the eyelid and spread it out.

Just a simple makeup for an all-natural charming look.

Here’s the finishing look with these 3 items.

Talking about Ladurée, there must be macarons…

So I paired this look with my macaron earrings I got from Disneyland from my recent trip to Tokyo.

Together with this makeup look, here’s my complete co-ordinate of the day.

The SPRING Fashion Coordinate with Spring Makeup Look.

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Les Merveilleuses Ladurée 2015 Spring Collection

PETITE EYE COLOR COLLECTION 3,900 yen (exclude tax)
FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE MINI 3,200 yen (exclude tax)

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Official Website: http://www.lm-laduree.com/