Hi guys!
I’m back again with another post on LADUREE x Uniqlo Tees!
Here’s the compilation of my LADUREE Tee Coordinate from my previous Penang Trip.
Having Afternoon Tea @ Winter Warmers in Gurney Plaza
Deciding on the cake & tea
Being called by….
Looked up and this shot was taken!
We had Jasmine Blossom Tea & Lavender Cheesecake that day.
I actually tried this Lavender Cheesecake once last Christmas in Penang also and this trip here I initially wanted to try the Rose flavor but it has sold out!
Having a sip on my Jasmine Blossom Tea
Favorite mint charms from Bangkok
Now, the Beach Look!
My favorite pair of sandals from ZHOELALA
Oversized Tee & White surf shorts from Ripcurl
Trying to get a good shot here
“Hey! The crow came and steal our MCD Meal!!!”
Last of all, LADUREE inspired Nails to match my LADUREE Tees.
More pics at my previous post here.
That wraps up my LADUREE obsession!
Opps! Not yet I guess..
Another post on LADUREE’s Les Merveilleuses will be coming up soon.