Les Merveilleuses Autumn 2013
So, before I went for my Japan trip, I have already asked a friend who went to Japan in September to help me get this LADUREE Limited Edition Cheek Color.
This is the Autumn 2013 latest collection.
My friend handed it over to me in this perfect condition without even taking it out from the lovely paper bag.
Thank you so much, Lydia! ^^
She even managed to get me the foundation samples.
The packaging of the sample is so pretty too ^^
Now here is the packaging for the pressed cheek color.
Even the box is so nice!
How can I throw it away?!
Now let’s take a look inside both of the boxes.
First box, we have the pressed cheek powder case.
In another box, we have the pressed cheek color
This is how it looks like after I place the cheek color into the case.
Below the cheek color, we have the brush.
So pretty isn’t it?!
Casing (1,575yen include tax)
Cheek Color (3,990yen include tax)
Wore the cheek color for the first time yesterday! ^^
Love the color on my cheeks!
Not to mention the case too! ^^
The cheek color is scented too.
It has this really nice scent that will make people go crazy over your cheeks! LOL
That’s all on Les Merveilleuses!
Hope you enjoyed looking at these pretty things.
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