It has been a great week for me as I took 4 days off on a holiday trip to Penang and also attended a friend’s wedding in Ipoh.
Had great food throughout the trip and would like to go back to have more of it!^^
In preparation for this trip, I have even painted my nails to match my outfit throughout the trip!
I have been only wearing LADUREE Tees from UNIQLO throughout this entire trip.
Here’s my LADUREE coordinates from this trip!
The Oversized White-Cream Macaron Tee x Surf Shorts from Ripcurl
Even used it as Bikini Outer!
The Pink-Purple Macaron Tee x Ruffled Waist Pants
Of all designs, I guess you can tell which is my favorite LADUREE tee!
I couldn’t decide on the color and I thought myself get two and don’t have to waste anymore time deciding on which should I get!
Managed to get the pink-purple one in S.
 The white-cream tee only has it in XL and it’s the final 2 piece.
I have no choice but to grab onto the XL one because I know I will regret for sure if I do not get it even though it’s in XL.
That’s why I labeled it as oversized tee!
There’s actually 2 more LADUREE tees form this trip but too bad I did not take any pic of it cos I wore it during night and could hardly capture any nice pics at night.
I actually bought almost all the LADUREE Tee Collection from UNIQLO.
I have never been so crazy over tees this much for my entire life!
This LADUREE collection is too adorable that I cannot get my hands off them every time I make my visit to UNIQLO.
So after getting hold on the tees from UNIQLO, I finally thought that I could actually make one LADUREE Inspired Nails Design.
And, so I did!
Here you go!
Inspired by the Tee that looks like this below which I actually bought too!:)
I came up on my own thinking of this Tee below which I bought too!:)
Don’t hate me, please! haha
The rest of the fingers are inspired from LADUREE’s cosmetic line.
Macarons, Polka Dots, Florals & Stripes
Polka Dots, Rabbit, Stripes & Flower
 Too sweet to eat?
Too cute to touch!
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Thank You!:)