Hello guyz!
First of all I would like to apologize coz you probably might get sick with my forever vintage nails that I’ve been posting these days.
Before that it was Vintage Summer Nails , then French Vintage Nails and now it’s Just Vintage!
I know! I know!
I just can’t get enough of these!
I’m in love with flora vintage nails these days.
Today’s nails is what I call “Just Vintage Nails”.
I simply name it by adding the word “JUST” just because there’s no laces nor french!
Just Vintage Nails! lol
As you can see here, I’ve used two different types of flower stickers.
One in pink and the other in white.
Here’s how this flower sticker looks like with the packaging!
Till then!
It’s JUST SO VINTAGE for now! heehee