Hello! I’m back with another post before CNY approaches.
Lately, I’ve been going around looking for a two-tier silver tray for my jewelries and accessories.
I was thinking, since my jewelries and accessories are catching up with my lingeries (What a weak analogy~lol) I thought I should go and look for something larger that can accomodate all of my little things from hair pins to jewelries and accessories.
Before that I was actually using this fun little thing

but as year goes by, my jewelries and accessories start to pile up and it can no longer hold all of my stuff and therefore I decided to look for something larger.
And, I found this!
I got this from a Home Living Deco shop for RM49.

This is not silver but wood painted in white on the top.
I lay necklaces (all from Bangkok) on the top part.
Earrings, pins and some other little stuff are placed below.
Currently, am looking for ideas to decorate them.
I actually thought of getting some small boxes or tiny containers to store my tiny bitsy stuff like earrings  or rings or any tiny stuff that tend to go missing easily and then place it on the tray.
Still looking…
Will share it here again when it has been transformed!!
Till then:)