Hong Kong Photo Diary 1: Star Avenue & The Peak
Hong Kong has been great and all except the FOOD!
Well, today I won’t be touching on FOOD but only places I’ve visited during that 1 week and also some useful information about traveling in HK if you plan to travel to HK someday.
Although we were there 1 week but we didn’t manage to complete all the tourist spots like Ocean Park and Ngong Ping 360 although our initial plan includes Ocean Park.
This trip was an unexpected trip for me as it was made at the very last minute.
Mr. Pink was invited to the BlackBerry Event in HK and I thought I should just tag along since my last trip there I didn’t really get to explore the streets in HK and all.
So on the day we arrived, we took A21 Cityflyer Bus from Airport to Tsim Sha Tsui on a 45 mins journey which costs only HKD38 (RM15.60).
It is much cheaper compared to the Airport Express Train which costs HKD90 (RM37) though it takes only 28mins to city.
If you’re on a budget trip and not rushing for time, I suggest you to take the bus so that you could do some sight-seeing at the meantime as the bus is a double-decker bus.
Here are some pics I took in the bus along the way.
 There’s also place for you to place your luggage with a CCTV monitor in front of you.
The Cityflyer bus covers many places and do check the route here if you plan to use them.
We stayed in a guesthouse in Tsim Sha Tsui which we booked through booking.com and it’s only RM123 per night.
Fast speed internet and it’s located in the centre of HK which is very convenient for us to move around from one place to another.
Rooms are clean but small and what I didn’t like is the environment below the guesthouse.
You couldn’t expect more for the price you pay.
By the time we arrived there, it was around 3.30pm and we spent some time lazing in the room to recharge our energy for the coming event.
After dinner, we took a stroll and walked ourselves to the infamous Avenue of Stars to catch the night city view.
 Showing you my Fish Lips which is gonna be one of my trademark soon! lol
Took some pics here and started exploring streets nearby.
The next day, we travelled back to Airport again using the A21 Cityflyer bus and then train to Asia World Expo to attend the BlackBerry Event which started at 10am.
The event was held for 2 days and for that 2 days we stayed in Regal Airport Hotel which was provided by BlackBerry.
Spacious room with awesome swimming pool view
After the event ended, we moved to a hotel located in Robinson Road somewhere to The Peak.
Again, we took the Cityflyer bus this time it was bus No. A11 for HKD20 (RM8.20) which make stops at places around Hong Kong Island.
We got down at Admiralty St. and took the Green Mini Bus No.56 costs HKD8.30 (RM3.40) to Bishop Lei International House at Robinson Road.
To get there, you will need to wait at the bus stand outside Pacific Place and not the one in front of Queensway Plaza.
We actually hopped on the one that goes to the opposite direction and spent almost 1 hour on a bus ride tour around HK city.
This hotel we stayed in was a SMART DEAL I managed to grabbed from booking.com and it’s really a nice place and location is pretty good too.
View from our room where you’ll be able to see The Peak
That evening, we make our way to The Peak Tram Terminus by foot which took us about 12 mins.
Form there, we hopped into the tram and got to The Peak to experience the HK city view.
Since it was a weekend, the line to the Tram entrance was really long.
After 30mins of waiting, we finally got to the entrance and up we go to The Peak!
The crowd that night was crazy and after squeezing here and there, finally managed to squeeze in and capture this shot.
 Hong Kong City Night View
Here’s a piece of advice for you if you hate crowds but still wanna capture the night view at The Peak!
Get to The Peak, don’t even bother to visit the Sky Terrance!
Look for some exits in the Tower at The Peak and get out there and you’ll find amazing spots like this below with no crowds and what’s more important it’s FREE!
This view is facing a Restaurant kitchen which we found on the way down from the Sky Terrance.
 It was pretty embarrassing la.
The chef was looking and staring when we tried to take pic.
See!! I cannot even smile properly here!
This one also!! haha
So this as an alternative way to capture the night view if you’re on a budget trip to HK and also if you wanna fight the crowd!
FYI: Tram Ticket (return) + Sky Terrance Fee is HKD75
That’ll all for now!
Hong Kong Photo Diary 2 which covers Hong Kong Disneyland & Hong Kong Park will be up next!
Please check them out!
Till then! Bye!