Today’s Fashion Coordinate
White Lace Dress & Belt ~ Dazzlin Moi
Bag ~ Samantha Vega
After months, decided to go back to Number76 salon for haircut.
This time I went to the one in Mont Kiara.
Used to go to the one in MidValley Northpoint but because Hikky got transfered,  so gotta go all the way there to look for her since me and mum prefer her cutting.
Have been going to number76 for haircut since 4 or 5 years ago before they became this popular.
I know just recently, their salon is known by many cos of their involvement in VIVI magz.
This is before haircut. Looks messy!!
Picture taken under natural light~wuahaha
This is after haircut. Looks neater isn’t it!
I know the quality of this pic is very shitty and please excuse me for that!
In this pic, you might think I’ve changed my hair color but nop..
It’s the lighting that makes my hair looks darker.
But I plan to color my hair soon. Not sure whether I should change to brighter color or what but of so many hair color I’ve tried I still prefer this the best.