My life as a student has now come to an end!
Happy and sad at the same time.
Happy coz no more EXAMS!!!!
Sad coz no more long HOLIDAYS!!!
Also, in months time when I return my student card, I won’t get anymore student discount prices when I hit the Karaoke Box or shop at Forever 21.
How sad ><
I know I’m gonna miss this 4 years.
Have gone through so many things throughout this whole period.
Ups and downs and also life has been like a roller coaster all this while.
Gonna miss studying with this bunch of friends too!
Especially YOU!
Thank you for being my partner all this while.
We have been together since the end of 1st year until now and we have been so called holding-hands all along through this whole uni life.
WE go toilet together-gether,
sit together-gether,
eat together-gether,
partner together-gether,
everything also gether-gether.
Now on we’ll be parting and walking down on different roads and I pray for our success in future!
Good Luck and All the Best!