Today’s post will be on nails … YES! Again!
I’ve changed my nail design for the 3rd time now in less than a week time.
This is what I call the ‘Tiffany Nails’.
I think this nail design is more of a bridal nail design.
This design simply popped up from no where when I started painting the Gelish Sea Foam color onto my index nail.
Surprisingly, I actually am feeling satisfy with it.
(Weird syntax arrangement I have here)
I actually find this nail elegant and sweet for some reason.
Maybe because of the pearls that represents maturity and elegance.
Ok, maybe I’m wrong.
I’ve googled a little about it and it says that “white pearls symbolize purity, honesty, spiritual transformation, charity, wisdom and integrity, all the best within us”.
Ok, whatever it is!
Mine is not really white pearl as in pearl but just some artificial pearl or accessories-pearl-like. (lol)
I don’t really know what’s it called but for the time-being I’ll be using such term.
Oh Yeah! Lately I’ve bought cases for my iPod 5g.
This is one of it. The FLORA one where girls will like.
iPod 5g Flora Case
Also, I’ve changed my iPhone case to this >>
iPhone 4g Customized Case
I got this case from Japan last 2 summers and am still lovin’ it very much.
And, that ribbon ear-plug is from Bangkok Night Market and costs only 20Baht.
So, I guess that’s all for now.