Food Lovers who are seeking for nice food in Japan!
Welcome in!
Talking about Osaka, what comes in mind?
Osaka Castle? Universal Studios of Japan? Glico Man?
That’s not it!
You cannot miss out Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki!
So, what’s Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki?
Let me show you a pic of it.
1. Takoyaki
Tada! These are Takoyaki!
We had this one in Takoyaki museum in Universal City.
A brief explanation;
Tako = Octopus
Yaki = a way of cooking / fry
When put together,
Tako + Yaki = Fry Octopus
but, we don’t call it ‘fry octopus’ in English.
Many named it as Octopus Ball cos of the shape that looks like a ball.
So, where can I eat this in Osaka?
It’s everywhere in Osaka but nice one is not easy to find.
I still prefer 「銀だこ」(Gindako) which can be also found in Tokyo!
2. Okonomiyaki
So, what’s Okonomiyaki?
Okonomi = preference or choice
Yaki = cooking or fry
There’s no english name for this but we just simply follow the Japanese and call it Okonomiyaki.
It’s actually very similar to pancake but with lots of cabbage and some other ingredients of your choice.
I remember my host sister once told me that Osaka people love to do this at home and they love to add all the weird stuff to their liking, for example, they add in chips, marshmallows and some other snacks that you kind of think it wouldn’t go well with it.
Not to worry if you’re having it in shops.
They don’t have this weird combination in their menu.
The most common one that they have in their menu are shrimps, pork, chicken, cheese and beef.
Some even with kimchi and curry powder (The one I had in Tokyo)
In Osaka, you MUST try「風月」 (Fuugetsu)
They have shops in Umeda & Dotombori and the one in Dotombori opens until 2am.
3. Sukiyaki
When in Japan, you must eat Sukiyaki!
We had this in 但馬屋 (Tajimaya) which is located in Yodobashi Umeda.
It’s a 90 mins buffet style where the price for girls and guys are different.
It’s roughly around 2000yen to 2300yen (RM65 ~ RM75 per person).
I highly recommend this place!
4. Harbs
If you love cakes especially mille crepes, you MUST visit HARBS!
They have branches in Tokyo too!
Lunch set is only 1500yen (roughly around RM48) including salad, choice of pasta, cake of the day and coffee or tea.
It’s a very relaxing place to spend a day sipping over a cup of english tea after a tired day of walking around the city.
5. Tsujiri
Parfait is also something you will have to try when you’re in Japan!
Instead of vanilla or chocolate flavored parfait,
you should try green tea flavored parfait which is originated from Gion, Kyoto.
Tsujiri offers high quality green tea ice cream and teas in their traditional way.
They have branches in Osaka too but we went to the one in Gion, Kyoto.
Now, let me tell you where you can get drunk! haahaa
Nahh! I was just kidding.
A nice place to drink with a bunch of friends.
6. Kirin City
Food is great and price is reasonable.
Sausages and fried chicken is a MUST when you drink here!
It tasted soooo sooo good!
“LIKE” their FB Page and get a complimentary drink! ^^
I’m a happy girl with my Kirin Beer!
7. Ice-cream @ Rokkosan Pasture
When you’re in Kobe, or happen to visit Rokkosan Pasture,
you MUST eat their soft cream (ice-cream).
It was so good that I went speechless.
The first taste of it tasted really MOOOoo (raw-milk taste)!
But the more you eat, the more you’ll like it!
You will get addicted to the taste.
I don’t know how to describe the taste in words but one word DELICIOUS!!
Don’t miss this if you happen to visit Rokkosan Pasture!
8. Yoshinoya / Matsuya / Sukiya
Chain Restaurant that serves YUMMY beef rice bowl!
Cheap & Yummy!
If you’re on a budget trip, you can consider these 3 chain restaurants.
Even if you’re not, you must at least try once when you’re in Japan.
You can find these chain restaurants at every corner and every street in Japan.
Cheapest beef rice bowl costs 280yen (RM9) ONLY!!
Never missed out these chain restaurants when I travel to Japan.
That’s all I guess for now!
I hope this gives you a rough idea on what you must eat when you travel to Japan.
Feel free to comment below if there’s anything that you would like to know more.
I’ll try my best to answer them! ^^