Pamper you nails with Crabtree & Evelyn!

Did you know that Crabtree & Evelyn has released 4 different colors of nail lacquer just few months ago in Malaysia?

Check it out if you love nail lacquers!

So, what’s so good about Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquers?

– Reinforces and protects nails
– Fast-drying and glides on smoothly during application
– Easy to remove

I got all four colors and it’s really amazing!

The brush is not thick and it makes application so much easier and smoother.

I’ve tried all colors with a little nail design and would love to share with you guys.


It’s not really purple but a mix of navy blue.

I had a really simple design with floral seals.

Holding onto my ANNA SUI perfume, just in case you’re curious about it! ^^

I actually got this beautiful and high quality seals for RM4.90 only at Tokutokuya?!

It’s some sort of 100 yen store, very similar to DAISO but they are selling all stuffs at RM4.90 instead of RM5.

I’ve painted it by mixing it with the red lacquer known as “APPLE NAIL LACQUER”.

Very sharp and bright red, perfect for toe nails.

Just a very simple and easy-to-paint design.

Now, let’s check out what design have I done with the “RASPBERRY NAIL LACQUER”

Had the sakura seals on with the pink lacquer.

Doesn’t look that great, I know!

Sakura seals are from DAISO and quality is not too bad either.

This few weeks had been ‘Floral Madness Week’ since I continuously painted my nails and designed them with the floral theme.

I just can’t deny that I’m a floral maniac! I just love everything that has floral prints on.

I actually painted the “CLAY NAIL LACQUER” (nude color) too but I didn’t had the time to take a pic of it.

It matches well with gold shimmers and looks good in French nails.

Try it out if you have that color.

So that’s all about it.

This has been a lazy post but I hope you enjoyed browsing through the pictures.