Wanna get your nails done but no idea what sort of design to do yet?

Come n check out my design for this coming CNY.

Something gold & pink …

I have finally changed my nails again to prepare it for this coming Chinese New Year.

Since I will be traveling again to 2 countries before CNY, and I know I wouldn’t have the time to dress up my nails after that 2 trips, so I decided to quickly groom em up now before it’s too late.

My previous Christmas nails was actually still very nice as it has not wear off even after like 3 weeks (thumbs up for ARITAUM Modi Gel) but then I just didn’t feel like keeping it for any longer as CNY and Valentine’s is coming up.

I didn’t want something RED anymore as my previous Chrissie nails was in red.

Though I know CNY and Valentine’s representative color is RED but I thought I would like to make or try something different this year.

So I went for the Gold-Pink-Black Elegant Nails with Swarovski stones. Not something I thought I would try but I guess lately I’ve grown up a little. I tend to dress differently, talk differently and consume food differently (probably a little more to the healthier side).

Well, I’ll cut the crap and show you guys my Elegant Nail design.

Painting the black lining is like HELL to me..

I couldn’t even control my hands when doing the left one… The right one was even worst…

Which is why the black linings are not so neat… Well, just take it as part of art ok?! haha

If you’re wondering what gel colors I’m using, you can check out the materials used below this post.

Basically, it’s all from ARITAUM.

If you did check out my previous Nordic Christmas Nails, you might know how good and how much I love their Gel Colors.

I guess this is far most the BEST Gel Colors (not comparing it with in-salons brand but I think it’s better than iBD too).

What I highly recommend about ARITAUM GEL is that it in tacks well ย onto your nails, at the same time easy to remove.

Check them out if you ever happen to come across ARITAUM shops in Korea.

You definitely gotta get em!

Totally not pricey at all… especially when they have discounts like 50% or Buy 1 Free 1.

I got them when they’re on the BUY 1 FREE 1 promo.

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CNY Nails 2016: Elegant Nail Art

[Materials Used are ALL from ARITAUM]

Base & Top Gel Coat
Pink MODI Gel Color
Black MODI Gel Color
Gold MODI Gel Color
Swarovski Stonesย from JAPAN