I know it’s a lil late but I would still like to wish everyone
It’s better late than never, right?!:)
So how did your Christmas went?
Thank God the world did not come to an end and we got to celebrate X’mas, is that what comes in mind? Maybe not huh!! Whatever it is, I don’t really give a damn about that whole doomsday thingy.
All I care is Food.. Food… and Food…
Did I ever tell you that I’m actually a glutton?
All I have in my mind for the whole day minus the sleeping time which means for the 16hours, all I think is what to eat NOW?, for TODAY, NEXT, and THEN..
Ooopsiee, am I tellin’ ya too much? (バレちゃった)
 Sowwie, gonna cut the crap now and get to the point.
So, I found this one very interesting coffee & tea house which is in Queensbay Mall, Penang.
I love the setting of this tea house (or coffee house) and it’s a nice place for girls outing or/and also for a date. I think this is the place you should go on Christmas cos it just simply gives you the warm feeling you need on Christmas!(LOL)
I had this Herbal Chamomile Tea which is said to help reduce tension and also for those who suffers insomnia.
I like how they use those vintage teacups to serve us tea.
Tea for TWO
Oh Yeah! You gotta try their Lavender Cheesecake!!
I wouldn’t say it’s the best cheesecake but I would give them credit for coming up with this special flavor. They even have Rose Cheesecake. Haven’t get to try that but if you did, probably you can tell me how it taste like.
and FYI, I’m a Cheesecake Lover!!
I don’t mind eating Cheesecake everyday as my main meal. (LOL)