Christmas Nails: Nordic Christmas

Nordic Christmas Nails

Happy Holidays, Peepz!

Merry Chrissie & Happy New Year!

Just a quick share on my latest seasonal nail design.

This year’s christmas nails theme is 「NORDIC」

A combination of red and green.

I finally got an apple red gel color which was an early Christmas gift from the cousin.

It’s the Korea made MODI Gel Color from ARITAUM.

I blogged about ARITAUM’s Modi Color last year somewhere around Christmas too, so please do check out the 2 links below;

It’s really reasonable and high in quality!

I’m so in love with the Top Gel Coat as it coats over nicely and evenly especially when I have stickers on my nails.

The usual one I used to use always peel and wear off after a week causing my stickers to start coming off each time I wash my hair during bath which is so frustrating at times.

So I highly recommend ARITAUM’s Modi Top Gel Coat!!

For more details on the materials used, please check the end of this post below.

Nordic Christmas Nails 2015

Materials Used:

Red Gel Color ************ARITAUM MODI Gel Color
Green Gel Color *********************** ibd Gel Color
Base & Top Gel Coat *************** ARITAUM MODI
Nail Stickers ************************** From JAPAN

Enjoy & cheers! :)


    • MisSuetY   •     Author

      Hi Miriam,

      Thank you for your generous comments.
      Hope it inspires you into designing your nails too!

      Cheers :)

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