Do you know that you can actually find CHEAP and nice ZAKKAs in Japan too?!
In this post, I’m about to share with you my favourite ZAKKA Shops in Japan. Mostly 100 yen and 300 yen shops!

100 yen or known as 100均 (Hyakkin) shops can be found all over Japan. The most common ones are DAISO and SERIA. But, I realized that DAISO are mostly found in big cities and SERIA are mostly on the outskirts.

Today, I won’t be listing DAISO and SERIA in this post because I have even more interesting ones to share with those who loves collecting and also crafting!

I’ll be dividing them into 2 groups which are ZAKKA and CRAFT shops.


1. Natural Kitchen 

A zakka shop that sells interior goods from stylish home wares and kitchen wares to craft materials, all at 100 yen.
Also, check out their limited edition goods such as seasonal goods and collab goods.

NATURAL KITCHEN shop in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

Kitchen wares from 100 yen ~ 300 yen

Crafting materials, all at 100 yen

Christmas Seasonal Goods

2. Kitchen Kitchen

A shop managed by Natural Kitchen. Kitchen Kitchen sells similar items as Natural Kitchen but with a more variety of home interior goods ranging from 100 yen ~ 1000 yen.
「Let’s decorate your home into a HOME CAFE」 is the concept behind this zakka shop.

KITCHEN KITCHEN shop in Umeda Sanbangai, Osaka

They even have plants, not to mention AIR PLANTs too!! All at 100 yen!!!

3. Can Do

A 100 yen shop similar to DAISO & SERIA, selling everything from A-Z with an even more chic design.
A great place to explore for ZAKKA lovers as many of their items are said to be same but still quite different from DAISO.

CAN DO shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo

4. 3 Coins

Everything at 300 yen. A lifestyle shop that sells interior goods and also accessories such as earrings, necklaces, hair bands and etc.

3 COINS shop in HEP FIVE Umeda, Osaka



One-stop shop selling craft materials for crafters.
Fabrics, jewelry findings, craft books, machines and etc., all can be found under one roof.

YUZAWAYA shop in Umeda, Osaka

2. 貴和製作所 pronounced as KIWASEISAKUJO

A specialty store selling handmade accessories and accessory parts such as jewelry findings, charms, strings and etc.
It looks more to an accessory library to me as you can get almost everything related to accessory parts from this shop.

KIWASEISAKUJO shop in YODABASHI Camera Umeda, Osaka

So that’s all about my top favourite ZAKKA & Craft Shops in Japan.
They are available throughout Japan and if you’re interested, you can check out their website for store locations provided in the links above.
Hope this might be helpful to your trip in Japan, in search for CHEAP zakka goods!!