Gotemba Premium Outlet

On the 16th of this month, me and my friend headed down to Gotemba Premium Outlet for shopping. We expect it would be really crowded since it’s a public holiday (Marine Day) but it turned out to be quite OK (as in normal). We were actually expecting that there will be more shops offering TIME SALES since it’s a holiday and that is why we wouldn’t mind even if it’s really crowded. If you’re wondering what’s TIME SALES, I’ll explain it here. For a time limit, there will be an additional of 10 – 20% discount when you pay your goods at the cashier. For example, lets say you got a 50% off item and during that time limit, you will get an additional of 10% or 20% off when you pay at the cashier. Sometimes, there’s restriction of 2 items and above or a specific amount and above. In that case, you can combine with your friends if you’re not getting that much. It’s really worth it when they’ve TIME SALES!! So, don’t miss this chance if you ever see any shops having TIME SALES in JAPAN. This is the 4th outlet I’ve been to in Japan and all are equally good. It actually depends on what you’re looking for. If you wanna get branded goods like Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Dior, Chloe etc., I think Gotemba Outlet has it all. In fact, I think Gotemba Outlet has the most brands. Also, I find it easier to walk in that Outlet since it does not have 2 levels. The other Outlets I went to like Rinku Premium Outlet (Osaka), Jazz Dream Premium Outlet (Nagoya) and Tama Minami Osawa Mitsui Outlet (Hachioji, Tokyo) has 2 levels, so it’s hard to see everything at one glance since you will get confused and don’t know where to start, if you know what I mean. Here’s the surrounding of this outlet.

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Shibuya 7 Days Bargain Sales

Shibuya Summer Sales started today and so happen I don’t have class today so I decided to take this opportunity to shop since today is a weekday and it wouldn’t be so crowded. Yay!! I got 4 pieces of one piece. This time not from my fav brands but from brands like Ank Rouge, Rose Fan Fan and Minirdees. Haven’t got any clothes from any of these brands before but then because most of the clothes I want from my fav brands, I already bought it so I’ve got no choice but to get clothing from other brands now. (LOL~ It’s not like it’s a must but then since it’s cheap so I thought I should get a few) Two one-piece denim, one flowery dress and also checkered dress. It just feels so SUMMER. Hrm..I feel like I’ve so much clothes from Japan now and I actually thought of selling off some of them when I get back. I actually have some which I bought last summer when I was here on a short trip with mum and until now I don’t think I’ve wore it not even once. Should I sell them?! haha

今日のゲット ~ Today’s ITEM


Finally got my hands on Dolly Wink products.

Also got the Lavshuca Limited Edition Eyeshadow.
Bought it just because of the eyeshadow base which comes with it in a set. ~lol

Got the Canmake Highlighter because I really needed one.

Well, that’s all for today.

Spring Break

Spring Break started since yesterday and the first outing is to Tokyo DisneySea(again)!!..haha

Finally I completed all the top rides there and had much fun shopping and eating too!!(^_^)☆

This is my new friend, the University Bear from Disney Store.(^O^☆♪

Mt Takao ~ 紅葉

I’m back after for some time.

Have been out for like almost everyday for 4 weeks now.

Been to so many places like Ghibli Musuem, Arcades, Shinjuku (countless times), Yoyogi Park, for BUFFET and also the title of today’s post, Mt. Takao.

Went hiking there and we took the 2nd hardest trail up to the peak.

It took us about 90mins to reach the peak to see the beautiful autumn leaves.

Great experience I would say as I don’t remember hiking before, not even in Malaysia. (lol)

After Mt. Takao, we went to GINZA for fresh seafood ~ clams, squids, scallops, cod fish ~ YUMMY!!

Also, for that 4 weeks I had 4 times of BUFFET, the same one twice.. SUKIYAKI Buffet and PASTA Buffet!~haha

Even put on some weight now!~LOL

All the food here just look too good and there’s no way to go on diet here in JAPAN!*_*

Around this time, you’re able to see those autumn leaves in TOKYO Area..

Lovin’ AUTUMN though I kinda think I’ve started to dress in winter clothing!~lol


Forth trip here in Tokyo Disneyland but first ever HALLOWEEN trip here!

Rode the two new attractions which is ‘Captain EO’ and ‘PhilarMagic’.

Plus, this season, they’ve got many cosplay characters and it just simply creates a whole different atmosphere in there.

Though I love the Christmas Theme but Halloween is pretty good too.

Went there on a weekday and still it was crowded! It was not even a public holiday but just an ordinary weekday.

Was lucky enough to catch the Night Parade which was superbly wonderful and also DISNEY DREAM FIREWORKS which was simply amazing!

I would say it was a pretty good day as the weather was perfect, we managed to ride on those HOT rides and also managed to catch the parade and the fireworks.

Although I’ve been there like just recently in July, still I don’t get sick of the rides!

Love them all!~DREAMS COME TRUE~

Rush Hour

Today I’ll be sharing a tiny bitsy piece of story of my everyday life here.

Well, as you might know already in JAPAN, trains are the best transportation here though we think cars are the best back there. (I miss driving)>_<

I have been hopping into trains to and fro from University every morning during rush hours and here are some bitsy things I would like to share.

I don’t know how should I describe them as during that RUSH HOUR. They are really different other than that time. During RUSH HOUR, you might see a little of unity?!~Should I use that “Unity” word here, I wonder!

Everyone queues up in line by standing behind the yellow line (safe zone). There’s about 4 lines and it will be a very long queue at every line. From my experience, if you’re standing on the 4th or more behind, you definitely won’t get a place to sit and get ready to get crush at every stop as more people are squeezing in even when there’s no more space to breath!

When I say UNITY, it happens whenever they see the train arriving and everyone will step forward at the same time, very close to the gate/door of the train getting ready to fight for a sit! Once the door of the train opens, everyone rushes in with their eyes aiming for the sit. You’ll see that HAPPY/RELIEVED faces of those who manage to grab a sit.

In the train, you’ll see them either sleeping or on their iPod/phones but mostly in the morning, everyone is on the sleeping mode. They can even stand and sleep without falling down.~So well trained eh!! I always wonder, are they that tired that they wouldn’t even care about their image whenever they sleep in the train where girls will wake up with a messy hair as their head float around from left to right.

After 3 weeks of attempts, on MONDAY I finally managed to grab a sit and that’s when I realized how they felt when they got a sit and having that HAPPY or RELIEVED feeling in them.~lol
To be honest, I’ve been trying to grab a sit everytime during that rush hour but never once succeeded not until MONDAY!~I was so happy that I don’t have to stand and get crushed by those working people!

This is how it’s like in JAPAN during RUSH HOUR on trains.
Everyone is just afraid of being late for work.
‘Being on time is just part of their culture’!
So if you’re a person who is never on time, you might have trouble living in this country but it might be a good thing/ good opportunity for you to change too.