Food in Bangkok

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

 Are you a person who “eat to live” or “live to eat”?

Well, I think I’m both.

I sometimes think I need to eat in order to live even though I’ve got no appetite. This happens especially on days when you had too much good food and you tend to slowly lose your appetite.

On days when you’re on a diet or on just some regular meal, you might crave for something so badly and that’s when you will start to think that you have to live on to eat.

I hope this make sense!ahaha

So, Bangkok is not all about shopping but also a food haven.

Here are some of the food I had when I was in Bangkok last month.

Day 1 (Chatuchak Market)

Tom Yam Noodle in Or Tor Kor Market

Had this Tom Yam dish in Or Tor Kor market which is located opposite of Chatuchak Market.

My first Tom Yam dish in Thailand.

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Bangkok Shopping Haul 2013 ~ Platinum Mall

Today will be on haul from Platinum Fashion Mall.
I hope this will be helpful / informative enough for first-timers to Bangkok.
I actually went to this mall on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day! (LOL)
Practically, I’ve completed scanning through all the shops since I went there on 3 consecutive days.
Here’s what I think about this mall;
I didn’t expect this mall to be like that as in NICE?!
I don’t know how to describe this but when others told me that it’s a wholesale mall, I would imagine a mall something like Sungei Wang in Malaysia or some kind of undecorated shops with piles of clothing left unattended or something like that, if you get what I mean here..
The minute I stepped in the mall, some of the shops that are nicely decorated actually captured my attention!!
Here’s the interior of this mall

Bangkok Shopping Haul 2013 – Chatuchak Market Haul

My first ever trip to Bangkok.
Many told me that I will like Bangkok and it’s also an alternative place to shop for fashion goods besides Japan.
So, I finally booked a ticket and landed in Bangkok on the 19th of Jan with an empty luggage.
On the day of arrival, after leaving our bags in the hotel, we went straight to Chatuchak Market  (also known as JJ Market).
To my surprise, it wasn’t that stuffy and hot as I imagined and there are many lovely designer shops.
There’s a few shops that I really like and one of them is this (pic below)

Life at Keio University

It has been a year now.
It was last year around this time, I went to Japan for a year under MEXT scholarship.
It has always been my dream to study in Japan since I was like 17?!
..and after all the shitty things that happened, hardship and passion, I finally made it, having dreams to come true.
Although I’ve been to Japan like a number of times for home-stay programs, exchange programs and holidays but this is my longest stay in Japan.
To those out there who are still striving for your dreams, I would like to cheer on you and just keep in mind that as long as you have the passion and faith, your dream that you’ve been chasing after will come true someday.
Don’t give up even it’s hard cos if it’s an easy thing, why would we even wanna call it a dream, isn’t it?!
Well then, let’s start on with my life at Keio University.
A preserved building since the Meiji period in Mita campus.

♥ at First Sight

My favourite pair of wedges for the time being.
Got this for around 2000 plus yen only during Shibuya Final Bargain Sales in July.
Now I regretted I didn’t get two pairs or more coz at first I actually thought of getting the one in red & white stripes which is very sailor kind of style. (ishhh)
But then, I felt guilty cos I bought too many pair of heels from O1O1 (Japanese pronounce it as Marui) on the same day already.
This pair was LOVE at first sight!

iPhone Case Collection

Here are my precious iPhone Cases that I got mostly from Japan.
I thought I have like 10 or more cases but I actually have around 9 only!!
This means I can get more!! (lol)
(From oldest to latest)
#1 Cupcake case from Ebay /  Customized case from Japan
Both also got my name stamped on!!:)