CNY Nails

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I thought I should change my nails to welcome this festival!  (lol)
So I painted red-white-polka-nails.
I love the pattern on the 1st toe nails.
I actually lay hexagons on top of the red dots.
I find it neater that way rather than having those uneven size of dots.
Feel free to copy and
That’s all about my Polka Nails.

Sweet Vintage

It’s October and this is only the first post of the month.
Been really busy with school lately with all the assignments, presentations and weekly tests.
It’s really killin’!><
I just need a break now!
I haven’t even blog about my Birthday which was like last week.
Exactly one week from today.
Anyways, here’s an update of myself and my nails.
Weekend style ~ Ready for some cheesecake at Delicious!

Vintage Nails

I’m very into Nail Art these days.
This is my latest work on my toe nails.
All colors from O.P.I.