Food in Bangkok

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

 Are you a person who “eat to live” or “live to eat”?

Well, I think I’m both.

I sometimes think I need to eat in order to live even though I’ve got no appetite. This happens especially on days when you had too much good food and you tend to slowly lose your appetite.

On days when you’re on a diet or on just some regular meal, you might crave for something so badly and that’s when you will start to think that you have to live on to eat.

I hope this make sense!ahaha

So, Bangkok is not all about shopping but also a food haven.

Here are some of the food I had when I was in Bangkok last month.

Day 1 (Chatuchak Market)

Tom Yam Noodle in Or Tor Kor Market

Had this Tom Yam dish in Or Tor Kor market which is located opposite of Chatuchak Market.

My first Tom Yam dish in Thailand.

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SUKIYA in Malaysia

Finally SUKIYA steps foot in Malaysia.
For those who has never heard of this before
It’s a japanese fast food chain restaurant which can be found in every bitsy corner in Japan.
So, what type of food they sell in there?
There’s GYUDON (Beef Rice), Curry Rice and some japanese side dishes like Chikin Karaage (Fried Chicken) etc. but mainly rice stuff.
Here’s what I had for supper in SUKIYA yesterday.
Top ~ Fried Chicken
Top Right ~ Miso Soup

Christmas @ Winter Warmers

I know it’s a lil late but I would still like to wish everyone
It’s better late than never, right?!:)
So how did your Christmas went?
Thank God the world did not come to an end and we got to celebrate X’mas, is that what comes in mind? Maybe not huh!! Whatever it is, I don’t really give a damn about that whole doomsday thingy.
All I care is Food.. Food… and Food…
Did I ever tell you that I’m actually a glutton?
All I have in my mind for the whole day minus the sleeping time which means for the 16hours, all I think is what to eat NOW?, for TODAY, NEXT, and THEN..
Ooopsiee, am I tellin’ ya too much? (バレちゃった)
 Sowwie, gonna cut the crap now and get to the point.
So, I found this one very interesting coffee & tea house which is in Queensbay Mall, Penang.
I love the setting of this tea house (or coffee house) and it’s a nice place for girls outing or/and also for a date. I think this is the place you should go on Christmas cos it just simply gives you the warm feeling you need on Christmas!(LOL)
I had this Herbal Chamomile Tea which is said to help reduce tension and also for those who suffers insomnia.
I like how they use those vintage teacups to serve us tea.