♥ at First Sight

My favourite pair of wedges for the time being.
Got this for around 2000 plus yen only during Shibuya Final Bargain Sales in July.
Now I regretted I didn’t get two pairs or more coz at first I actually thought of getting the one in red & white stripes which is very sailor kind of style. (ishhh)
But then, I felt guilty cos I bought too many pair of heels from O1O1 (Japanese pronounce it as Marui) on the same day already.
This pair was LOVE at first sight!

Fashion Coordinate

Yesterday’s coordinate.
It looks so girly, isn’t it? (LOL)
Tops ~ Olive des Olive
Cardigan ~ Pinky Girls
Skirt ~ Dazzlin
That’s all for now:)


Yesterday me and my friend went downtown for some spring shopping and

I’m kinda happy with all those purchases.

The first one that I’ll be wearing is this PINK COAT and WHITE DRESS (Both from SHIBUYA)

By the way, the sweet PINK COAT is a HIT ITEM for this Spring. (So get one pink coat if you don’t have one yet)

I was actually looking for a pair of heels or wedges too but hard luck, couldn’t find one for now.

Well, that’s all for now.