Jewelry & Accessories Storage Ideas

Hello! I’m back with another post before CNY approaches.
Lately, I’ve been going around looking for a two-tier silver tray for my jewelries and accessories.
I was thinking, since my jewelries and accessories are catching up with my lingeries (What a weak analogy~lol) I thought I should go and look for something larger that can accomodate all of my little things from hair pins to jewelries and accessories.
Before that I was actually using this fun little thing

but as year goes by, my jewelries and accessories start to pile up and it can no longer hold all of my stuff and therefore I decided to look for something larger.

Bangkok Shopping Haul 2013 ~ Platinum Mall

Today will be on haul from Platinum Fashion Mall.
I hope this will be helpful / informative enough for first-timers to Bangkok.
I actually went to this mall on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day! (LOL)
Practically, I’ve completed scanning through all the shops since I went there on 3 consecutive days.
Here’s what I think about this mall;
I didn’t expect this mall to be like that as in NICE?!
I don’t know how to describe this but when others told me that it’s a wholesale mall, I would imagine a mall something like Sungei Wang in Malaysia or some kind of undecorated shops with piles of clothing left unattended or something like that, if you get what I mean here..
The minute I stepped in the mall, some of the shops that are nicely decorated actually captured my attention!!
Here’s the interior of this mall

Bangkok Shopping Haul 2013 – Chatuchak Market Haul

My first ever trip to Bangkok.
Many told me that I will like Bangkok and it’s also an alternative place to shop for fashion goods besides Japan.
So, I finally booked a ticket and landed in Bangkok on the 19th of Jan with an empty luggage.
On the day of arrival, after leaving our bags in the hotel, we went straight to Chatuchak Market  (also known as JJ Market).
To my surprise, it wasn’t that stuffy and hot as I imagined and there are many lovely designer shops.
There’s a few shops that I really like and one of them is this (pic below)

Rilakkuma Bento ~リラックマ弁

Hello everyone!
Christmas is around the corner and I’m sure everyone is busy with the preparations..
I love this festive season the most cos it gives me this very warm feeling which me myself don’t even know why… LOL
So, I guess around this time everyone is rushing here and there looking for presents.
I know some of you might be attending some X’mas parties too.
Well, to cut short..
What I actually wanna suggest here is that you can probably make a character bento set as a gift or even make it to bring to parties (potluck).
As you can see, the 2 below is made for a friend as a gift for her birthday.

My Little Stuff

Currently am using this really cute iPhone case which I bought online.
It’s made in Korea and I love the texture of this case.
Oh well! The little stuff that I’m supposed to mention is that cute handmade bulldog charm which is from Che Che.
I heard that Che Che boutique in Midvalley has closed down and I’m not too sure where in Malaysia that you’ll be able to get their stuff now.
The things they sell in their boutique are extremely cute but kinda expensive, especially those small bitsy items like coin pouch, charms and etc.
Partly also because most/all of the charms are handmade and their workmanship is really fine!
What a waste that their boutique has closed down now. ><
Regretted not getting more of their goodies…
I remember they’ve got Hello Kitty collections too from bags to charms and it’s super duper cute!!
I wanted to say go check them out but then I realized the boutique has closed down!~LOL
Well, that’s all on this post.
Oh Yeah! If you’re wondering where I got that cute mickey/minnie earpool or earplug or whatever you call them… It’s from Japan’s Disney Store!:)
That’s all about my little stuff.
Till then!:)

Birthday Gift from ♥s ~ iPod Touch 5g & iPhone Case

Finally got my belated birthday gift from ♥
It’s the latest iPod Touch 5g that is not available in stores in Malaysia yet.
I love the color. It’s nicer than I thought actually.
Cos at first I thought the pink doesn’t look very pink.
From pictures, it looks a little peachy but it’s not close to peach either.
It’s more to the pink + red + peach = ?!
Anyways, I would say it’s a very unique color.

iPhone Case Collection

Here are my precious iPhone Cases that I got mostly from Japan.
I thought I have like 10 or more cases but I actually have around 9 only!!
This means I can get more!! (lol)
(From oldest to latest)
#1 Cupcake case from Ebay /  Customized case from Japan
Both also got my name stamped on!!:)