Today has been the 7th day, here in Japan!

Whole lots of experience!

Had this Campus Tour thingy this morning and I would say this University is pretty awesome.

First, the 5th floor of the South School Building overlooks Tokyo Tower!

Pretty NICE uh!

Another thing is that there’s one building, if I’m not mistaken, it’s a student lounge?!..Anyways, it looks so like a HAUNTED MANSION!~haha

No pictures though..Will try to get one the next time if I ever had a chance to go there again!

It’s still an Orientation Week and tomorrow we’ve got PLACEMENT TEST!

No preparation or anything and I’ll just see what happens tomorrow!~lol

Signing off for now!~Bye

Oh Yeah!Before saying GOOD-BYE, just wanna say HAPPY Mid-Autumn Day!? or Happy Mooncake Festival Day?!..

Ok, whatever!..I so wanna eat moooncake now!