Get the latest updates on home & living from me!


Get the latest updates from me on home & living!


Autumn Chain Nail Designs 2014

Lookin’ for unique nail designs this autumn?

How about something chic and cool?

Did this design specially for my Seoul Autumn Trip to coordinate with my dark and cool outfits.

Never before I dress so coolly or should I say gloomy since my outfit for this Seoul Trip is practically in black and white.


Secret Garden Nail

Hey n Ho!

After so long, I’ve another nail post to boast again…

I call this nail the ‘Secret Garden Nail’.

Why ‘Secret Garden’?


CANMAKE Cosmetics 2014 (II)

CANMAKE Cosmetics 2014 Part 2

Well, I actually had another business trip to Japan in July and got my hands on a few more Canmake items.

Their packaging are getting nicer and nicer and just couldn’t resist in not getting them..

Common’ in and find out more about these items..


Chateau de Caffeinees, Kg Pandan

In search of cafes that serves more Afternoon Tea?

Why not give a try at Chateau de Caffeinees in Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur!

A one-storey garden bungalow which has transformed into a cafe-restaurant with generous parking space and a backyard with tranquil greenery.


Econeco Cosmetics 2014

ECONECO Cosmetics 2014

Eyeshadow BOOK & Lip Gloss have just released in 2014 and it has been ranked as most sellable items in PLAZA Stores in Japan.

So common’ in and find out more!