My first ever trip to Bangkok.
Many told me that I will like Bangkok and it’s also an alternative place to shop for fashion goods besides Japan.
So, I finally booked a ticket and landed in Bangkok on the 19th of Jan with an empty luggage.
On the day of arrival, after leaving our bags in the hotel, we went straight to Chatuchak Market  (also known as JJ Market).
To my surprise, it wasn’t that stuffy and hot as I imagined and there are many lovely designer shops.
There’s a few shops that I really like and one of them is this (pic below)
I bought two very cute sleeveless printed tees, pink stripe shorts and one mustache earring from this shop (pic above).
Here are my loots from Chatuchak Market.

The most expensive item costs about 420Baht which is that Liz Lisa polka-lace-dress (1st row 2nd item on the right)
Cheapest item is Boys’ Stripe Tee for only 120Baht and
my Pink Stripe Shorts (bought from that shop above) for only 150Baht.
Next up is this very cute & cheap accessories.
I guess this is the best ever item I got from Chatuchak.

Guess how much for one?
You’ll be surprised!!
Only 30Baht for one. Even the customized charms cost the same!!!! Unbelievable!!! *drools
This can be found by the street outside of Chatuchak Market.
Ray Ban wannabe sunglasses and mustache earring that I mentioned before.
I was pretty upset coz I bought this glasses for quite expensive where as I can actually get it for like 50Baht or less than that. ><
Mustache earring cost only 20Baht.
That’s all on Chatuchak Haul.
Platinum Mall Haul will be coming up next.
Stay tune if you wanna know what I got from Platinum and also morning and night market.
Till then..