I call today’s coordinate “The Bangkok-Japan Coordinate”.
It’s a combination of items from Japan and Bangkok.
Blouse ~ Chatuchak Market (Bangkok)
Shorts ~ Zara (Bangkok)
Jelly Sandals ~ Zhoelala, Chatuchak Market (Bangkok)
Hat ~ Shibuya 109 (Japan)
I didn’t wear that Jelly sandal out actually. I cheat one!! LOL
I actually wore brown heels from Japan. (No pic uh, sorry!!)
I love this blouse so much.
Got it from Chatuchak Market for 350Baht.
I know some of you might think it’s a lil expensive, I mean Bangkok market standard but if you compare to those branded ones I think the quality is almost the same.
Plus, this is so much cheaper!!! 🙂
(OH No! The more I write about my outfit from Bangkok, the more I miss Bangkok)
Today’s hairstyle and make!

Today’s curl is slightly different from yesterday’s.
To make the fringe looks like it has a little volume, I actually curled them.
Finally, in the car LOOK!!
Hats off glasses on!!
My Ray Ban wannabe glasses.
So tempted to get the original glasses since with the Siswa Card, I’ll get 50% off on all glasses.
Still, it’s a little pricey even after discount.
How I wish got people sponsor me!!!