Alice In A Wonderland Nails
I’m back again with my latest nails update.
Chose this theme cos of Disneyland!
I had a last minute trip to Hong Kong last week and decided to change my nails to something more autumn and also something very Disney!
So this is what I did!
Colors that can match my outfit in Hong Kong.
Colors on nails are Peach Pink and Soda Blue
Don’t bother the missing black holograms.
There’s Alice, Hare, Cards & Teacups on this hand
Alice, Teapot, Teacups, Cheshire Cat & Cards on this hand
Alice on both thumb with a little vibrant red ribbon
Nail seals used in this nail design is as below.
This is not those sticker seals but 3D rubber seals.
Honestly, after trying on this rubber seals, I think they are more lasting compared to the sticker type.
This rubber seals don’t come off so easily and also they don’t tear so easily compared to the flat sticker ones.
As for the sticker ones, sometimes when I try to rearrange them on my nails and when I try to pull them off my nails they start to tear!!
So for beginners, I would recommend this!
Try them out and have fun playing with your nails!